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[ALGODOO]Nuke with realistic mushroom cloud

screenshot of the scene

Author: Raydeg

Group: Default

Filesize: 306.06 kB

Date added: 2010-12-19

Rating: 9.1

Downloads: 154506

Views: 15533

Comments: 103

Ratings: 35

Times favored: 3

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

:�'^�"``�^``>40,000+ DOWNLOADS!!!<��^���"�^'�:
.�"���``|>>> ! <<<|���``"�.�**<<*~^

Algodoo Only

Phew, this is my biggest code yet. It creates a mushroom cloud without using any invisible objects. I haven't seen that yet so I gave it a try.

M104V7B (Model no.104 - Version:7 Charlie)

Just press play and wait for the missile to hit the ground. It will zom out automaticly so you can get a better look on the mushroom cloud.

I don't know how I got this huge code to work properly. It should work flawless but I have been fixing alot of issues. I started on this in the spring and completed it in the winter.

Number of lines in the code: 351

Link to script and forum topic here.

I hope you enjoy it and have a great christmas.

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Credits to Gear97 for the cool radiation warning sign.


I <3 Feedback
Last edited at 2014/02/14 14:22:10 by Raydeg
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OMG. You have officially beaten Kilinich with the most complex script for any scene in the history of the existance of Phun or Algodoo.

Congratulations, you are one of the best scripters on Algodoo. This is so cool, but very laggy. You can only get better, so I can't wait to see what you think of next. You are absolutely one of the best. _o_
That means alot to me. I don't know the important maths and functions that Kilinich do... yet...;)

Again I loved your comment:D An early christmas gift:P
This is amazing!
10/10 _o_
If a nuke in algodoo can get better than this... Then I would love to hear about it.
Totally epic, definitely 10!

juusto: I think that nuke can get better, I'm making one now :P
:y ;) _o_ <_< 8| :grr: )|( :huh: :mad: :lol::lol:
:tup: :tdown:
aww i want algodoo but i used the free trial
HELL YEAH! Thats the most EPIC explosion ive seen :o
totally deserved a 10!! :lol:
great:P (by the way you am not on skype or msn enough :*) )
_o_ _o_ This is really the best use of script Ive never seen!!!
The gas dynamics is very perfect, the bright of the explosion is amazing !!
Lag is the only bad thing. But THIS DESERVES 10/10 WITH ALL OF MY FORCES. :lol:
Thank you:)
idk if it works i have phun
be considerate and make scenes with phun
not everyone can go out and buy a program
I dont even know how much a euro is:s
ill rate it a 10 though cuz everyone else likes it
lol even with phun my computer crashed too:lol:
btw how the HELL did you write that code? it dosent fit on the screen so you can't PAN THROUGH IT!? or is that some kind of feature in algodoo that phun dosent have?
@ninjakitty7: Yes it's a great feature allowing you to "scroll" the scripting window. I love how much better Algodoo is over Phun. 25 euro is about 33$ american dollars.
You should really get it, it will ease up so many things.:tup:
Oooops, I didn't read the description and tried it in Phun, and as soon as it touched the ground the program shut down:) I can only imagine how amazing the scene would be if I had Algodoo!
@jrderkensen: I think what's causing Phun to fail is a "density = 0" script. Perhaps I should make a video of it so the 'Phunners' can see it or what do you think?:yum:
If you do make a video, be sure to speed it up to 100% Real Time:P
I can easily make a low-lag version of the rocket. Does anyonje know a good recording program?:huh:
@freefun15: that's not mature;

@falandysz: I've restored my computer and msn isn't working quite yet, neither do skype. I'll contact you as soon as I get on any of the two programs:)
@Raydeg: I actually just bought algodoo, but for the Phunners, I think a video is a good idea. And now that I have Algodoo, this scene is mind boggling!
Wow! Amazing! The Explosion was too violent that it crashes my algodoo... I think I have to get another videocard..:)
very well... this is a very good scene! compliments!
O_O It didn't even start up properly. Algodoo crashed before I had a chance to press start. XD Gonna try again...
Dang, no luck. :/
@Prestb: Hmm... It works alright for me. Are you sure it's Algodoo it's opened with?:huh:
to bad about the skype/msn but really nice nuke (I have just got algodoo:P)
and it is weird it didnt lag on my 7+ year old computer :lol:
Last edited at 2010/12/24 11:23:47 by falandysz
:tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
0/10 for Algodoo only!
Did you download it?:mad:
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