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lol thats alot of blood
i did the impossible
:y lol cool
Stupid!!!!!!!:grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:
aWsome!!!!!:) :) i luv ur guns,
u shud try make extended mag for it
P.S cud u plz make a desert eagle 1!

p.s plz make a desert eagle one!:D
finnaly thanks!:D :D :D :D :D :D
this is awsome cud the next 1 be a Usp!:D :D :D plzp lzlzlzlz
yay another gun from yuras12 brilliant!!:) :) :D :D
all ur guns are cool but cud u plz make a usp

PIC: :D :D
cooo lplz make a second 1!! :) :) :) :) :) :D
its cool !!:D :) :) better than mine 10/10:lol:
plz make v4 like a bigger factory or sumtin!
10/10 lol!:lol: :D :D :)
oh it dosent matter cuz is gun is made by yuras12!
cool but make it shot 7/10:)
this is cool i was thinkin of bob gettin shot or a car crash!:lol: :lol:
GRAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D PLZ NEXT MAKE A colt M1911A1!:lol: :lol:
or a usp!!:lol: :lol:
Last edited at 2009/10/30 14:37:46 by juozaz7433
its ok dude , sry 4 bothering u! ((((ur guns are the best on algobox)))):lol: :lol:
cool:o :o :D :D :D :) :) :lol: :lol: :tup: :tup:
5/5 btw!:lol:
coolio!!!:o :o but plz make a pistol next (i am more of a pistol person lol)!:lol: :lol:
this is soo cool:) :) :)
AWSOME!!!!!!:D :D :D BEST RPG I EVER SEEN ON PHUNBOX!!!!! (actually the only rpg i seen):lol: :lol:
plz yuras 12 make a cool pistol!!:) :)
lol:) :) cool!!
pplz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz make a colt 1911!:) :)
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