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M1 Garand

screenshot of the scene

Author: yuras12

Group: Polish

Filesize: 69.89 kB

Date added: 2009-11-03

Rating: 7.6

Downloads: 16007

Views: 5373

Comments: 31

Ratings: 13

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


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M1 Garand 30.06 Springfield rifle.
This time it has 8 round clip and completly new mechanism.

To shoot:
1: Move the bolt backwards (to the left) and let it go - it should remain locked in open position.
2: Pull the clip in. (don't force it down because you can break the mechanism or bullets). If the clip is inserted properly, bolt will be released.
3: Pull the trigger.
4: Empty clip will be ejected automatically.

This mechanism isn't very reliabe, it has many moving parts, so loading new clip is pretty hard. Don't be suprised if the those bullets will explode.
Anyway, try to have phun.:)
Last edited at 2009/11/03 20:30:59 by yuras12
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Could you make an M14 out of this please
Czy te dzieci muszą ciągle zamawiać? Dość trudny w załadowaniu lecz jak załadujesz ładnie strzela. Ciekawi mnie tylko jak wykonałeś podwójna magazynek, stówa że na jakimś skrypcie.
coolio!!!:o :o but plz make a pistol next (i am more of a pistol person lol)!:lol: :lol:
Nie potrzeba skryptu, wystarczy dać "no selfcollide" w menu kolizji.
awsome 10/10
but why you make them so big?
Dude, best M1 out there!
Ok, fine, it doesn't have the trigger grouping like the other ones do yadi yada...

But it Functions like one!
damn good and i dont just say that im a hard person to please:)
i would like to nominate your m1 for my award, is that okay with you?:)
thanks for making this yuras12 :lol: 10/10
10/10, very good.:tup: :tup: :lol:

could you make an AK-47 please.
I'm just building them on default zoom, and that's propably why they are big.
I don't see any problems about that.
good work yuras12!!

the weapon is SICK!:tup: :tup:
perfect gun. What are you going to make next?
can you make a m32 grenade­ launcher please?and how?
search for "revolver" on algobox!you'll see what im talking about
plz yuras 12 make a cool pistol!!:) :)
just have to say this is my SECCOND favourite rifle youve done (i like to kel tec most coz i use one evry now and then) and evry time i download of these guns i HAVE to turn the opacity of it all to halfe just to see the genius behind it. (and allso to get the magazines in easier :coolgrin: )
you sould make a Mark 19 Mod 3, i already have the nades...:bonk:
Last edited at 2009/11/09 14:42:18 by simey j dude
you think you could make that on 2D? XD
pplz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz make a colt 1911!:) :)
Dude You have to make a shot gun with shells you load into the bottom
he already did
can i modify your mp5k into mp5 and upload it here?
Ofcourse, just remember to give me credit.
or maybe the guys wont like it

well because i made the stock crappy so im not uploading:tdown:
Last edited at 2009/11/14 17:25:12 by xrockx
I fricking love the m1 garand, nothing like that magnificent PING it generates when youve shot your last shot.

nice job as always, 10/10
could you make it so you can manually eject the bolt like in real life? (my uncle owns one)
This is completely random but has a banana clip on phun/algodoo ever been made?
I mean how will this work?
Yuras could probably make something this easy. I have been trying but failed.
the round keep flying off the bandoleer other than that its amazing
this is so awesome!!!!! :tup:
I love your creations.
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