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ill let u know if i make it k
k ill jion them both and can u make a Eddie Bauer 1999 edition for me because i have 1 in my driveway and a aspen green for the color if possible thx
just wat i seen in pic nice let me go try it out but 10/10
nice truck 10/10 and just combined the 2 boom hav a great vehicle
good job 10/10
good job 10/10
i was laughing while reading because you said wont poop at all something like that anyways, it constipated LOL well anyways 10/10:lol: :lol: _o_
hey dark it called a bolt action it suppose to fly back because of the force of the bullet or jerk of the gun or look at bolt action sniper it fly back and if had older styles of gun like ww1 area the fly back and hit your face or just look it up on youtube or ask some1 or google.
how bout a 1988 ford mustang gt with a 5.0 logo or watever on the side of car and maybe in the car
let me have a chance with this track ill post my tank/truck on this k:mad:
hey since your very good with ohun just askin a question here when i click it to open phun i just see the border of the screen and thats it and it closes it self and thats it so just askin wat is wrong with my computer did i download the wrong file or my computer is not letting it load up?
phun i mean
hey since your good with phun can u tell wat is wrong with phun or computerand its a question i been wondering for about 3 days when i click phun to load up and it only show me the border of the screen of phun thats it it closes and thats it just wondering if it my computer or did i make the download wrong or wat i just c the screen and thats it just askin trying to make good projects that i have on other laptop to make better on pc :( :(
since your good at phun answer this question k, does any1 know of this problem with phun when i load or click it to load i only see the border of the screen and just askin is it my computer not letting it load or did i donwload it wrong just askin tell me wat to do :grr: )|(
yeh srry bout that just got like 7 or 8 uploads still goin to upload the best walker i made the walker and jumper . it will be on in 5 minutes or so.:grr:
meh i just felt like to build 1 to get in shape of mind to create a relly good 1 that is goin to be uploaded in 3 minutes or so just wait
also the fastest walker of this kind is way much better
just tell me guys wat is wrong with it ill fix it and then good to go or just scene in this site here
k the walker is up and running just be careful it watching uuuuu
heys guys look for "hey guys the best walker/jumper" theo janson walker just uploaded this morning its very good in jumping and walking need to fix the wheels now and it needs better gun working on that now so just check it out and help me out guys. )|( _o_ :s
k i was goin to fix that today ill do that now ill be fixing it now after this probbaly be up again in about 5 - 10 minutes k:tup: and thx 8 out of 10 wow the best walker i have and im a newb at this lol and did u like the gun sequence u have to do to make it work:s
yeh still working on it getting the walking part fix and um there is a driving sequence u got to do also it is press and hold the up arrow the walk left or right either way then tap the d botton until u get enough speen the hold the d or a button for 2 seconds repeatly then hold d button to get full speed of walker , also holding up button thru out that whole sequence then when u get whole speed out of it then release up arrow then when u come to a jump before it u press and hold up arrow. then when the first tire gets about 3 tires lenght then quickly switch to down arrow then you will fly over the ditch and the updated scnene that im doin noq with walking and jumping the ditches that are bigger:o . but anyways there about 2 sequences to do for walking + driving and firing the cannon soo..... ill get the updated scene asap:bonk: :zzz: k soon
speed i mean/ now/ spelling are wrong of those2 srry:grr:
yeh other 1 is way faster i tried to go for 3d affect for upgraded 1 that is on my account
ill post a scene with my bomb very soon k first got to make it first lol)|(
let me check if this car is good enough for a truck in off road
hey para just wondering can u do a tuturial on youtube how to make the firing mechanism and just wondering if i can use the firing mechanism for my new spring bullet i just made. k thanks anyways
or can u help me make this gun of mine:lol:
hey torpedo just asking u wana help me make a 1911 style pistol i got the bullets working on them now and then working on the recoil right now and if possible k if u want well ill check tommrow on here if u replied cya then.:s
hey frezer just asking u wana help me make a 1911 style pistol if possible ill check tommrrow if u replied alredy but if u want ill give credit who helps me build this gun i have the bullets just nee help right now and working on recoil right now just asking thx anyways:lol:
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