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Do you have a preference?Dirt Bike,Atv?
Very nice game, to bad it ain't on PC:(
I'll give it a try
Damn!The screenshot sucks.Can someone tell me how to edit it?
Last edited at 2009/11/29 10:27:39 by shark0151
Jesus!!!763 downloads from morning 'till noon!!!It's a personal record:y
SCREENO: the borders are on because you opened it in phun,this is made in algodoo.WHY DO YOU GET ANGRY BECAUSE OF SOME BORDERS?Do you see any borders in the screenshot?
People no likey?Why no likey?:( I likey:cry:
If it doesn't work,don't rate
No phun version right now,sorry:/
Last edited at 2010/01/01 14:10:04 by shark0151
.........I'll keep that in mind....
Ok.....i'll do an Phun version with lower resolution textures
To the person who rated 1 : That wasn't very nice..You could at least tell me what's wrong...
Last edited at 2010/01/14 16:18:00 by shark0151
someone rated 1 <_<
Last edited at 2010/02/03 09:07:26 by shark0151
Didn't actually tested it on phun and phun doesn't work well with springs made in algodoo(as far as I know) and since this scene contains around 30 springs I assumed it won't work.Oh well,less work for me:lol: .I don't actually know why I explained this...
Kilinich: 1)will do 2)tarzan had to gain some height before swinging
2 People: do you want a level 2?:)
the realistic joint restriction breaks too easy(way too easy)...and make her jump:y 8\10
You could use boxes instead of circles.Circles tend to slide off.Just a suggestion.
....what should I do next.......I don't know what should I do next.....a plane...a car.... a knight...a cat...a dog...tarzan level 3?
And hopefully,this will be the end of bad textured cars :bonk:
yes,it was too unstable,but I'm going to upload it when it's done.
Last edited at 2010/03/18 16:29:13 by shark0151
Oh dear,back to the drawing board.... it works for some...I don't understand)|(
what happened to all the comments?:s
I'm glad you guys like it. I have a bunch of older,unreleased scenes that I'm thinking of finishing and uploading and a couple of new projects.Here's what I've got :
-a crashable dacia 1300
-a remake of my p51 scene
-a star wars jedi walker that fights a bunch of droids (WIP)
-a battle scene from braveheart where you control William Wallace(almost done)

-and my favourite and the most complete and possibly my best work ever.................Batman The Algodoo Game
Seriously it's awesome you jump,you glide,you drive the batmobile,you throw batarangs at enemies to disarm them,you climb buildigs(with or without the grappling hook) and you punch baddies in the face and I think it looks awesome
I felt they were incomplete
I just realized that this scene is on the first page of the highest ranked:o works fine on my computer.What version of algodoo do you use?I use 2.0.2 b10.
Yeah,the tachometer is a bit jumpy and for my first one it's ok but I should have done something about the gear shit,sorry.

2Banjerboef: It's a simple script in the texture matrix, I've used it before,in fact the it's pretty much the same scenery I used in "motocross extreme"
Fixed the gearshift
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