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Dacia Rally (update)

screenshot of the scene

Author: shark0151

Group: Default

Filesize: 3.33 MB

Date added: 2012-03-14

Rating: 7

Downloads: 24863

Views: 1603

Comments: 23

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu


Scene tag

-A crashable dacia 1300, as I said I would upload.
Controls are in game.

My personal record is 43.19 ,think you can beat me?
Update :I've beaten myself with 43.01.

This isn't my best work and it's not very realistic but I want to finish all secondary projects and focus on my main three project which are:
-A remake of my first scene(the one with the dragon); I'll think of a name later
-Batman Algodoo City

Update:Fixed slow gear shifting but the tachometer is still jumpy
Last edited at 2012/04/06 17:23:31 by shark0151
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It seems broken for me. The guages don't work and neither does the shifting, but it seems really neat!
Only the tachometer is a problem for me, it's off centered and shakes wildly. works fine on my computer.What version of algodoo do you use?I use 2.0.2 b10.
It works fine for me, gearshifts are slightly unresponsive though.
It works for me, but the tachometer goes crazy and the gear shift is slow/unresponsive.

But everything else is great, especially the scenery.
How did you manage to get the 3D effect?
Because if you are driving and look closely at the grass, you will notice that the grass more to the front moves faster to the left than the grass more to the back.
Last edited at 2012/03/15 16:53:36 by Banjerboef
Yeah,the tachometer is a bit jumpy and for my first one it's ok but I should have done something about the gear shit,sorry.

2Banjerboef: It's a simple script in the texture matrix, I've used it before,in fact the it's pretty much the same scenery I used in "motocross extreme"
@shark0151: I never noticed the scenery thing until now. To be honest, I never paid attention to detail until now. :)
Fixed the gearshift
Superb scene, but the tachometer doesn't do a damn thing. Probably not you're falut: I can't get my algodoo to update to v 2.0.2, it just says that no updates are available.
@ninjakitty7 : go to forum,official announcements,2.0.2 beta.You'll find it there.
super!make a version of hummer!:good::D
I made the car have a wreck in new jersy xD
seems to be Texas
mine works totaly good i will rate it 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000­0000000000000000000000/10 cause: YOUR SUPER AWESOME
and yes seems realistic
AND i want the "gradiento.jpg" texture:(
im a noob of drawing that
@ Domobear18: Well, there are many examples of spawn engines on algobox from which you could learn. As for the texture; the .phz file is an archive file, which means it can be opened with winrar and you can extract the textures. Also, thanks for the rating :lol:
I have v2.1.0 But the tachometer is shaky, fix the bug soon
I beat you PUNK!
Good News!, it's a new Dacia;)
I made it to the end bruh