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City rally[algodoo]

screenshot of the scene

Author: shark0151

Group: Default

Filesize: 9.59 MB

Date added: 2010-01-06

Rating: 6.3

Downloads: 5940

Views: 2177

Comments: 8

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5

day night,
top down

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It is only a prototype so it might be laggy,buggy and I don't even want to think about what else might be screwed up
It seems to work just fine on my computer

Tom got late to work because some douchbag with a Hummer parked in two parking spots.He's now without a job.Right now Tom just want's to smash that car.....but what's that in the horizon?? :o It's Mr.Douchbag!!!!Tom feel that he should make his own justice..:devil: .....You know what to do....

*Damagable car
*Day\Night cycle
*A city

Controls are NOT in game
they are right here:

Arrow keys-Move
M(toggle)-go with legal speed
L(toggle)-light...witch looks best at night

...And yet again I used large textures!!!....10MB!!!

Please do comment and rate
Last edited at 2010/01/07 13:09:16 by shark0151
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Title: City rally [Phun\Algodoo]
Rating: 7.25
Filesize: 3.63 MB
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Date added: 2010/01/07 17:44:11
Made with: Phun
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Algodoo + big textures = lag.
hehe "strafe cars" again...
.........I'll keep that in mind....
Can you do this scene in phun please?
Ok.....i'll do an Phun version with lower resolution textures
someone rated 1 <_<
Last edited at 2010/02/03 09:07:26 by shark0151
make more:angel:
I cant see any textures :c
Me to on both of them >:(