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O_o the one i downlaoded yesterday had a few bugs... the one i downloaded like 30 seconds ago is good, exept the textures are missing :s other than that its awesome _o_
thx =O 10/10 :tup: _o_
rofl sounds fun =O *does what blooxer did* :lol: also octagon ur computer is amazing =O _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
Nice O_o that was weird, i looked at it 10 seconds ago and it was 2 wheels, now its a full car O_o anyways awesome:tup:
lol so right ones uploaded now? :lol:
awesome :lol: 10/10 fun and adictive, keep em comming _o_
bmw may own mini cooper (not sure, too lazy tof ind out) but the mini cooper company logo is ;)
O_o nice :lol: i like the machine cover but the coffee just leaks out into the cup, if you could fix it it'd be 10/10 =O ;)
Last edited at 2009/06/11 20:39:08 by billybombill
awesome :lol: 10/10 keep up the good work _o_ _o_ _o_
nice =O
he mustve tracked rotation or rotated map... press default view to fix it ;)
@dark- Ehh infinite coke, coffee, w.e you want it to be :lol:

@basmemums- Make a square or something, on collision menu disable "Colides with water" next, go to "Script Menu" (if you dont have go to options and set it as advanced mode) In the script menu there should be a box labeled "onCollide" in there, between the two {}'s put: Scene.addWater({vecs = [e.pos]}) so if you did it right it should be (e)=>{Scene.addWater({vecs = [e.pos]})} script basiacly says that every time it collides with something it spawns a little bit of water. you can just put a spinning bar, gear or w.e to hit it repeatedly. Also, you can add more e.pos behind the first one so it spawns alot more. ;)
working on coin operated one, by up later today or tomarrow :lol:
Coin operated one now up and working :lol:
*chokes on candy wrapper* Who would do such a stupid thing :o 10/10 :lol:
dude 100% copied mine :mad: didnt even give credits :(
seriously dont copy -.- least you could to is give credits or something :grr: <_<
Last edited at 2009/06/20 23:24:50 by billybombill
Last edited at 2009/06/20 23:24:13 by billybombill
nice catapult but mine dosnt work. It loads fine, but it dosnt fire. Any ideas? :3
rofl i wanna try... videos of ppl being tiped in them are sad yet funny :lol:
Nice idea... wish i'd thought of it before :lol: 10/10
Awesome :) 10/10
Sweet:D 10/10 :tup:
D: every other gun on phun is now disregarded... when it reloaded I just sat there and stared, when it switched bullet cartridges.... u get the idea :lol: 100000000000000000000000000000000/10:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
ehh dosnt do anyhting... i wont rank you down for it but if u fix it ill rank you good;)
Dosn't bug much and works 99% of the time. Great job :lol: 10/10
aghh this will be hard, but im up for a challenge :lol:

edit: only thing im modding is the box's collision menu, because you cant get out of it :huh: lol
Last edited at 2009/07/03 00:12:08 by billybombill
arghh it was hard, but fun. only problem was on the pusher part thing, the last pusher got stuck :s other than that, nice build 9/10
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