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also controls are < and > to move and down arrow to brake :lol:
thank you the hours disigning was just drawing mostly and i know that drawings are neva what the are in phun :bonk:
i see your problem dude. the wheel and the thing thats spost to spin wheel are not touching that much do more friction and contact but i do say you have a better car then i did:P
hey i can up with that type of surfing :P i made one just like that but has athe same consept. (sry if i can't type my wrist herts))|( its called cool surfer
MORE LEVELS! :tup: :tup: love it !
10\10 i love u! im ur biggest fan!
WOOOOOOT 100000/10
:coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin:
AWSOME! may i use it? :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin:
doesn't work
it doesn't work