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Nice contraption! But, I don't really think a key works this way... The pins will strike down into the engravings (between the teeth) but not on them. Check out my profile, there's an example;)
This is awesome! Nice try mate, this is real creative. Keep it up!
@The Linkage- LOL.:coolgrin:
Last edited at 2014/10/23 11:34:37 by Alex_Mercer
P.S the spring is pretty much unnecessary. It is just sitting there to damp the bouncy motion of the mechanism.

And again, enjoy!:D
@Scientic Accuracy: Thanks! That's very nice of you:D I will try my best to present as much cool mechanisms as I can.:)
@Scientific Accuracy: Thanks for the support! Will do it:D
@TheSupian: Yes, you can. I am not a douche who copyrights stuff, so yea, there you go. It is 100% free.:D
@lethalsquirrel: Thanks! _o_
Wow, this baby is not really bad! But I am sure many other people already have made contraptions faster/as fast as this. But I could go 35 m/s @600 Hz and this is pretty impressive. Any higher, then the speed starts to dive down in an inversed proportion.

And for the sim.frequency, I highly believe that it should be at least be @120 Hz, and 240 Hz for quality product, and for high precision contraptions, it should be @ 300 Hz. For the high end PCs out there, of cause, 600 Hz. 1200 Hz is just overkill- it should be only used for slow-motion purposes. And the frequency should always be in step with your monitor's refresh level, like 60 fps, 120 fps and so on.

Anyway, this is a good impression!:D
This is some pretty cool educative quality stuff! Never did I know how they worked. It took me sometime to realize what was going on exactly- it is some complicated stuff. Keep it up!:D
The shells are not really ejecting... The design is superb though, very cool. However, it kinda need some tweaks. I've tried changing spring constants, but not working well. Shells won't eject... I hope you can fix that for us.

Good one tho!:D
So finally, it's fixed! That's a good one. But you really need a longer barrel- the bullets are tumbling way too much.

Nice try man!:D :tup:
@pnvv: Yeah well, wutevr. I suck.
@Anaminus: Glitchy? I guess it was a typing mistake, and should be "i didn'tz readz enstrectiounz vrey cerfulley n neow ei em compleining" instead.

@ngphil: THAT is some pretty cool stuff! Never seen something like this before! Cool stuff on your profile, like dat, respect. _o_
@pnvv: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!:D
Man that is some keul stuff; keep up the good work! i r8 8/8 m8!:tup:

Check out my response too; worth a shot! (No puns intended)
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It may not do anything, but dayum sun, it looks on fleek! Nice one!:D:tup:

Thanks for trying out!:D

I will try to fix it; it's the friction causing this. _o_
OR dis!> XD
Cool stuff!:D
IDK why but the gears are not working for me, just saying.
Here, this is gold. >
If you like WW2 weaponry, you should check out War Thunder. A great free MMOFPS, ground forces, airplanes, great graphics. Worth a shot.

You call has been answered; your wish is my command! It is now halved to 300Hz. :)

Thanks a lot for the support bro, means a lot to me.:D


Google rubber band minigun. That thing will do a better job! XD