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This is awesome! I think you can make a SIG P226 that disassembles!
You should do a Mosin Nagant 1891/30 with a attachable bayonet and scope. Also, you can do stripper clips for the rifle and 7.62x54m rounds for the sniper variant. Thx!
Awesome! Mind making a RPK that disassembles and has a foldable bipod?
Awesome! You should make the Mauser C96 with a stock and 2 20 round mags and a stripper clip.
I request to do a Mauser C96 with a attachable stock and 2 10 round stripper clips and 2 20 mag 9mm magazines.
The goverment takes all of our money that we make for their wars. My mom says they are brats xD
I request you should do the Gewher 43 with a 10 round magazine and a ZF-4 scope.
Heh, its easy for me to reload, but when i finsh, all of the bullets just spew out D:
Phil, may i request a scene that has a MP40 that fires 32 rounds and a foldable stock? Also the safe is the bolt itself:D
Hey Phil, i wonder if you can make the Soviet 7.62x39mm SKS. It had a removable magazine (intergated) and 10 rounds. It uses stripper clips and the bayonet is foldable (intergated.) There are 2 triggers in it. 1 (safety) and one (firing).
Hey phil, i wonder if you make a FN FAL with a 4x scope, a self loading bolt, and 2 mags. The FAL model can be original.
hey ngphil, you should try to make the skorpion vz.61 wilh a folding wire stock, 1 20 round magazines and 2 10 round magazines.
Thanks ngphil! Also i was wondering if you can make the French FR F2 bolt action rifle. It fires from a 10 round magazine and comes with a folding bipod. Can you also make the scope removable?
Hey, can you make the Suomi KP-31 with 35 round stick magazine and a 71 round drum magazine?
Hey, you should make teh AKS-74U. Dissassemble. 30 rounds, 5.45x39mm. Made in Russia.