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Sorry, It has semi realistic handling and suspension. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.
I know XD. I tried to make "smoke" and failed so ill take that out. Its just supposed to expand rapidly and gain restitution before it "dies".
I love all your scenes but this is by far one of the best!
I like it ^~^ !
Thanks Xray, I will be posting a collab on the forums soon but i am not very good at scripting. I need some help tbh. Mine right now is manual, and I will upload it soon after this post. But i plan on somthing much better. Thanks Again.

Joexer- Out!
Yours Is way better. Yours is exactly what I was trying to make.
0.0 That's wierd. I never actually checked to see that before. I was going to make them individual but it was too hard to control.
Thanks Luka!
Yeah this is more of a traditional model, but thanks for pointing that out, The triangle spawner was perfect, it was all i could have dreamed of. Pythagoreas would be proud.
Yeah, anytime. I live in California, so I completely understand, Its actually really cool that we have such a internationally diverse community. Now we just need Algoryx to Continue Development. On that note, I believe you are algobox moderator, so do you know any of the developers?
Upgrade! I like it. XD
I like it. XD
Cool, My bro is in the navy. And i Wouldnt even mind paying for algodoo, if it were developed XD
Oh yeah, this is just a revival, they are horibly inefficient but i like how they look.:cool:
It's Beautiful. But I think it's gonna give me nightmares :scared:.
Simple, yet elegant. Nice.
Awesome dude.
Thanks Guys. Sorry I've Been away so long. A lot of unfortunate events.
I like it. It is simple and elegant, I may try to modify it a bit, I'll give you credit though I hope thats okay.:)
Xray... :3
Always impressive! 11/10 XD. You always do great work._o_
Lucas! The God of crashables and Homieeee The lord of realism!:lol: _o_ You two should collab!:tup:
Yay!!!! Your Back!!! and technically 11/10 is mathematically possible :P It's 1.1 XD, oh and btw algodoo is awesome for this but have you seen or heard of BeamNG Drive I mean your work here reminds me of that, And your a genius on here, i would love to see what you do in 3d!!!
Last edited at 2014/06/07 18:02:16 by Joexer
Cant wait Lucas... But please I would love to see your next car before I graduate from high school :D :rolleyes:
Thanks dude! Sorry for the late response. I have journals and notebooks full of stories and drawings, this was the base of one of the vehicles
Aha. you got me. *post of shame*
Good job. I woulda prefered if you gave credit to the original designers of the parts i.e. me {Joexer} and Alien_RG. .-.
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