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Toyota Hilux

screenshot of the scene

Author: homieeee

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.86 MB

Date added: 2014-06-04

Rating: 7.1

Downloads: 3939

Views: 425

Comments: 20

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Last edited at 2014/06/07 03:40:18 by homieeee
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Amazing details 10 you deserve it! Keep it up. Btw can you make a ferrari f480
Always impressive! 11/10 XD. You always do great work._o_
Thank you vaidas!! and thank you so much Joexer!! I can try to make it but it might take a while!
Last edited at 2014/06/04 22:56:21 by homieeee
Do your best!
i would of rated a 11/10 but i cant
We Need a 11/10 Button!
Haha thank you so much dustville!!
Great job! Carry on!)
Thank you Eugen!!
This has a lot of realism..
I want that exhaust fume on my cars!
Lucas! The God of crashables and Homieeee The lord of realism!:lol: _o_ You two should collab!:tup:
I can give you the code for the exhaust if you want MrLucasManSwe! And Joexer i hope i can live up to that title!
The problem is that i am a Phun user, the only script i use is the brake and reverse lights, i took them from someone elses car..
Hey can you give feedback on my LeSabre?
10/10 by the way.
Thank you MrLucasManSwe! i left a comment on your LeSabre. The exhaust works with phun too! the only problem is it adds a lot of lag.
Is there any way to make it more basic?
Not to my knowledge maybe someone else has a design!
I was thinking decreasing the amount of smoke.
The smoke looks pretty bad. I always use vel:= entity.vel and then impulse the spawned balls with something like gent's gun tech

But the engine is plain awesome and I love that speed! :tup:

P.S I'm a bit late here :bonk:
You could try that MrLucasManSwe im pretty sure you could lower the spawn count but im not sure how it would look!

And The Linkage, i don't think the smoke is pretty bad. It is pretty bare minimum but it gets the point across and thank you!