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I like it! How can you get out of the round canyon?:(
Hey Downloaders! I will soon publish The Amazing Ball Race Shape Style! It is like this one with some changes, but with shapes not colored balls!
Of course, I will! I'm worken' on level 23.
Ok, did. These levels are only the beginning.
pretty awesome!
see you used my "helium density" power-up:D :tup:
Pretty cool! But I gave 8/10 need more than dominoes, wheels, inclined planes and levers!;)
That's pretty much it in the description (i edited it). More keys in the future.:D
My best time is 26.3222:)
Yeah, I know. I first assigned them X and Z. But then later I changed them to 1 and 2. Must have forgotten that I changed it. :bonk:
Thanks! I will probably try to make a second version that's a bit more cleaner and more realistic appearance. :D
There's a bug in this scene. The side of the kool-aid machine is jamming the motor-controlled lever, preventing the lever to release the kool-aid. Also, when I fixed it, the water gushes out and tips the waiting cup. :o
The scene is scripted to{variables}, if you remove the piece of land above the car, you'll see the scripted controls, so the car will only work in the scene. My suggestion is to delete my course, make your own, and save it under a different title. Of course, I would make another one, but i am, as I say, busy.
globeliner- Thanks! Well, the version of algodoo I'm using the bomb works, but I don't know if algodoo 2.1 works with it.

lucnan - Switches, teleports, locked doors, bombs, and most of my little gadgets in Powerball use up some OnCollide and Console scripting. For a little example see my scene = Oncollide and Console Scripting. OnCollide is really useful, and so is console. If you want to learn how to console script, and scripting, I suggest go to Thyme Scripting in the algodoo forums.
That's a really great idea!:D One problem. How can I do it? :s
And I use Algodoo 2.0.2 b15.
Pretty tiny! Since I have a low performance computer, sometimes it appears and disappears! The smallest car in the real world of my knowledge is formed by two atom "bucketballs" put together to roll.
I keep staring at the announcement at the forums. It says the shader support for 2.1.0 is a minimum of 2.1. And my computer's version of opengl is 1.4. Can't by a new computer.

How do I save the position, without "OnDie"? Do I have to script every danger to the ball?
And I'm going to spawn 13 pens (tracers) and a ball?
Last edited at 2013/07/27 05:51:48 by PHUNGL

It's tilde (~) or you can also press F11.

You should also teach how to incorporate variables and scripts to make all kinds of creative scenes and what ways you can use them.
Another suggestion is that you can show what type of scripts or values can you put in the console. Did you know you can put boolean (true or false), arrays of scripts or even texts?
Last edited at 2013/07/27 21:17:30 by PHUNGL
Hmm. No offense, but, can't you make some ball courses purely from your own talent?
I think this is simply scenery.
Didn't you see my comment I replied in Powerball Level 11 when you suggested I used lives? :s
I think it uses arrow keys.
Works fine, but really crude. Has no meaning, and is really useless to algobox.:tdown:
Thanks, Xray for telling me another way! :tup: :tup: :)
Last edited at 2013/07/31 21:03:20 by PHUNGL
:tup: :tup: Pretty cool, but a little frustrating! I rate 9.5/10! :) :tup:
That's great! :tup:
pretty cool! :tup:

But there were some bugs.
It's fairly simple. I took advantages of algodoo when two objects with same collisions are placed together, and when the sim is played, they burst open. (Much like how people create bombs.) So I glued a 0 collision object together with the "player" and attached two boxes aside to it so the object won't flip over. I script the 0 collision box into a variable. I created a flipper, and when the flipper is activated (press up) the 0 collision becomes collidable. That shoots the "player" upwards as a jump.

Hope you found it useful!

Last edited at 2013/08/03 03:41:23 by PHUNGL
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