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Material Name (OnCollide) Scripting Tutorial

screenshot of the scene

Author: PHUNGL

Group: Default

Filesize: 220.02 kB

Date added: 2013-07-31

Rating: 5

Downloads: 735

Views: 226

Comments: 7

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu


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This is my first tutorial! It teaches you how to use a "material name" to script certain things to change properties. Fairly useful for me.

I would put buttons to pan to each step, but i don't have algodoo 2.1.

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Why not update to the latest version? It's FREE!

Good tutorial! :tup:
Last edited at 2013/07/31 04:21:10 by Xray
Didn't you see my comment I replied in Powerball Level 11 when you suggested I used lives? :s
No, I did not see your comment in your Powerball scene. Sorry, I didn't know your computer did not have proper shaders version.

By the way, instead of using MaterialName you can make up your own label if you want to. For example, you can add _GeomID = "" and then in each geometry you can put names like: _GeomID = "Box" or _GeomID = "LargeTriangle" or GeomID = "This_Is_An_Example_123" or whatever you want! :tup:

Then in script, you can test for the proper name, such as:
_GeomID == "LargeTriangle" ? {}:{} (just make certain to place the underscore "_" before each new label. If you do not, then Algodoo will not save it!
Thanks, Xray for telling me another way! :tup: :tup: :)
Last edited at 2013/07/31 21:03:20 by PHUNGL
Can you use entityID? :s
I only know some onCollide configurations.
The Easy ones are groovy on and off, showing messages, and quiting. Two artificial ones are weird design and normalize.