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This is super great ! briliant, i tried to understand the scripts but i couldn't; although, i just love it.
i love your scene! it's verry great, thanks for making it so cool !:tup:
very great game! i love it, so brilliant:tup: :tup: :tup:
nice scene ! i loved the decoration, i hope you'll make more lovely games such as better than befor :cool:
great servival game:tup: , I injoyed every moment, the road was a great peace of art, Thanks :) !
Nice one, I like the script:tup:
:lol: AWSOM !!!!!! :tup:
........... this is the best scene i have ever seen in Algodoo :tup: :tup: :tup: , it is just PERFECT, Greate job :lol:
SO perfect !!!!:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:
Sorry i didn't know, I saw that one in a show named "Braine Games" ...
that is just so greate and purfect .... i just can't discribe

Sorry, i forgot to change the old complicated equation, here is the new one:

vel = (_v0 + 10)*(_d - 1)* [cos(_a), sin(_a)]

( i shall delete this scene after you read the comment, the new one was
uploaded )

1) (_d - 1): this factor makes the balls go twards their
leader if ther are more than 1.0 meters far away
and away from it if they are closer than 1.0 metres ..

2) (_v0 + 10): it is just a factor that makes the balls go
faster if their leader moves faster (to stay close to it)

3) [cos(_a),sin(_a)]: #self explanetory
the "vel" (velocity) is a vector, it needs a direction;
[cos(_a),sin(_a)] is the direction (vector of
lenght 1) that goes from the follower to the leader
thanks again for commenting:)
You're welcome:D , thanks again ^^
Very creepy X__X
1000000/10 great jobl !
thanks :) !
your scenes were awsome :D

.. i love this software, one could do wonders with it
thanks ^^
AMAZING !!! and you made it looks so simple too, great job m8:D
WOUNDERFUL !!! very nicely done :D
very good : )
WOW! that's really cool, the code and the looks, just perfect, great job
thanks @faytree !

i just wanted to add, maybe it's better if you store the whole position, that shoud be faster and easier for you :
... = pos ...
than later calling it, for example :
x =
y =
thanks :3
you made this in a day 'o' ... *surprised Pikachu face*
god? is that you? ... you're finally back from your vacation I see :/
just kidding x),
this is one of the smoothest and coolest vehicles/scooters I've seen so far on Algodoo, and the details !!! it's really really ReAlLy impressive _o_, great job :3
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i like it, looks really nice !
I like it ! fery funny