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your car is very good and realistic:o 10/10.And please check out my scene.Im so sorry if one of my scene make you mad.
simple,go to console menu and write "pos" word from the script that i tell is a variant code.You can put every name at the variant code for example:"T1".Second, make a box and paint it black(that box will be a surface meter).Glue it to background and go to script menu in edit ,look for text and write {"surfaces="}.Thirdly, make a laser and go to the script menu,look for onlaserhit and write {}.And finally make an object or box,put the object on the laser beam and PRESTO! you already made a simple surface reading laser!!:)

If you dont get it or you are a beginner on script menu watch paradgim's video it helps:)
Oh,and don't forget to rate ;)
to Benjii:
sorry i can't :( .But my brother's reaction is related to this video : .The video is really funny:lol: .Please tell me how do you react in this scene.
Last edited at 2012/09/04 07:34:32 by faytree
This scene reminds me of loco roco.And thanks for the kind words benjii:) 10/10:tup:
Thanks:) .This level is pretty simple.Takes me about 5 minutes to make it.
Still better love story than twillight:'( .The funny thing is when i played it everything collapse into pieces:lol: .Good job man 10/10:tup:
Thank you!:D
I will help Mustang41 make a happy or comedy story if i can gameaddictwn i really love to help:) .
Shaz66!!! please!! don't go my friend :( .Next time if borrarensson or someone ingore or hates you just dont care about him/her.But pleaaasse don't go!!.I will tell lucas that you wanna leave algodoo.
Lucas i have bad news for you! shaz66 is gonna leave algodoo here is the link … p?id=65137
Last edited at 2012/09/09 02:19:01 by faytree
how do you know there is 1277 horse power in it?:s
Very good shaz66! my HP Pavillion dv3000 doesn't lag for me:coolgrin:
Okay,good luck or selamat berjaya in malay.:tup:
Yeah he's right .Make someone mad for no reason and ask to kill him/herself is cyberbullying right lucas?:unsure: .
Shaz, i don't know how to report someone.So please show me how to?:s
Phew,thank God! Shaz your not leaving at all?:D
for example..
So,you already report it lucas
Wow,good job lucas! i always want that car! And this is my first comment on i pad! 10/10:tup: .Actually,i not turn on my laptop yet so i gonna test it now!:lol:
the crumple zone of your vehicle crumpled like a piece of metal! since you made that dodge ram van.The crumple zone of mine well *laughs* break into millions of pieces like this one:video on youtube:lol:
okay then .I will make a comedy story that is a little bit different BY ADDING THYME!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!:devil:
Woo hoo! 200+ downloads!!:coolgrin: thanks everyone for downloading my scene!! :rolleyes:
Hmm... not bad at all.I like it!
Cool,when i download this scene watch for a minute and i take a look at my hands,my hands twisted:blink:
that... damn.. tank.. suspension..... so..SMOOTH!! i love it:tup: 10/10
lucas can you make toyota ractis please_o_ !! here is the blueprint
Now i know why do you want blueprints :bonk: .Hmm... Fiat mutipla huh,well that's a good idea! i like mutipla a bit because it has a unique design.
Last edited at 2012/09/13 14:25:33 by faytree
Yes we can't judge by looks.To know the strength of the suspension just drag the bar (that grey box) and you see the difference understood?
Last edited at 2012/09/11 07:21:55 by faytree
hey gameaddictwn check out my portal game it's easy and fun:coolgrin: here is the link … p?id=65170
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