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Volvo 460 Crashable

screenshot of the scene

Author: MrLucasManSwe

Group: Default

Filesize: 353.55 kB

Date added: 2012-09-09

Rating: 9

Downloads: 478767

Views: 33633

Comments: 149

Ratings: 33

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun

Crash car,
Volvo 850,
Volvo 440,

Scene tag

This car works for both Algodoo and Phun.

The Volvo 460 was a mid 90's sedan. It was the first Volvo with FWD.


•New, realistic structure with crash-beam, removable front panel and bumpers. This makes the crashes look even better.
•Realistic size and performance.
•Hood and trunk can be opened.
•Working rear lights.
•There is a crushed car in the map. What car is it?

Please rate and comment. :lol:

This is a Volvo 850 (big brother of the 460) being crashed:

Last edited at 2013/01/01 17:24:57 by MrLucasManSwe
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Wow so realistic does this have a new way of damage? 9999999999999/10!! :) :D :P ;) :lol: :cool: :coolgrin: :tup: And I'm not too sure what the crushed car is It looks like a convertible electric car (It looks like the sort of thing you would see in america)
Last edited at 2012/09/09 13:59:54 by shaz66
Det är så koolt att du kan göra detta i phun, den har ju liksom inget rutnät, men endå så blir det så perfect.
Best car i seen on algodoo excellent detail and damage
wow that is sick mate very realistic whats your next one :tup:
Good job! 9/10.
Amazing job 10/10
Yes because the front panel can bend just like a real car.

Jag behöver inte rutnät, det hjälper inte.
I think the car is a Mercury/Ford cougar or Taurus
Wow,good job lucas! i always want that car! And this is my first comment on i pad! 10/10:tup: .Actually,i not turn on my laptop yet so i gonna test it now!:lol:
the crumple zone of your vehicle crumpled like a piece of metal! since you made that dodge ram van.The crumple zone of mine well *laughs* break into millions of pieces like this one:video on youtube:lol:
whats next? can you make a bentley mulsanne?
Tror dock du hade kunnat göra riktigt fräna metall-aktiga material med dom nya hinge funktionerna i algodoo betan ;D Väntar fortfarande på att nån ska göra en fräsch crash car med nyaste algodoo eftersom jag själv inte kan göra något vackert i detta program hehe.. ah well very nice car anyways! 10/10
lucas can you make toyota ractis please_o_ !! here is the blueprint
I only use blueprints to make the interior of my cars.
I think the next car will be a Fiat Multipla.
Last edited at 2012/09/10 22:00:46 by MrLucasManSwe
Oh that really ugly car. That sounds cool. :)
Not the generation before 2004. It won't be that ugly but it still looks weird. :P
Now i know why do you want blueprints :bonk: .Hmm... Fiat mutipla huh,well that's a good idea! i like mutipla a bit because it has a unique design.
Last edited at 2012/09/13 14:25:33 by faytree
8.1 Lol is cool !!!!!! let it reach 9
I think 9 will be a bit overrated because i can make better.
Is the crushed car a ford taurus thingy
I don't even know! :lol:
Yeah, it is like a 99 Tuarus, I think.
Last edited at 2012/09/13 01:50:33 by Algodoobro
This time somebody used 2 accounts to rate 1. :|
Now if i only would get 2 10-ratings... <_<
Last edited at 2012/09/13 19:11:58 by MrLucasManSwe
I add your scene to my favorites because it's cool:coolgrin: .
oh you mean EV1 right.Yeah, that car is crushed and dumped by General Motors.
Yeah, that explains why there's a big rock on it then!! :lol:
Oh, the 1-ratings is gone! I was right.
Thank you all for the very high rating. :o
Your welcome my friend:)
Last edited at 2012/09/17 00:31:27 by faytree
Your first Scene get to 8.7 right??
those my friend:) (who rated)
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