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pretty cool but too simple
this sucks none of his guns shoot i can only like load and cock them, that is it
dude uh this is a peice o' crap i mean i own one, infact i went duck hunting today with it and this is not how you load it BTW MrLucasManSwe it is still made in a america GIT-R-DONE!
this sucks! when i try to load it the cilp keeps poping out cause the bolt will not close!
this sucks it doesnt work and phun-sperimenist your and idiot it is isnt "bird shit" how else do you kill suck a small target that oves so fast? and the word your looking for is slug not shell you dont shoot the shell and btw slugs also come in 20 ga
your guns suck! i havn't got one to work
sooooo what is this peice a crap?
peice of crap
strong, but not russian strong