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The answer is simple:
The wheels in Algodoo can't handle speeds over an x amount of rpm.
I believe it was something like 1000 rpm, before it explodes.
I told you guys that it is normal in Algodoo that objects can't handle high rpm!
By the way, almost nobody makes objects go faster than a x amount of rpm, because the scene might get unstable from such high speeds.

Did you ever see a scene from for example Kilinich that had wheels in it spinning faster than 1000 rpm? I didn't see one yet!
His new rotary engine has a max. of 400 rpm!

You can however solve this problem with the high rpm by adjusting the sim frequency. I didn't tried it because I don't need it, but maybe you do.
Just press F10, and type: "sim.freq = x" and you fill your new frequency in on the x. The default is 100, so I think 1000 will be just fine.
In theory this should make Algodoo more precise, but will also slow Algodoo down a lot (= more lag)

@Cakeface24: a polygon is not a perfect cirle:bonk: . Thus that means it is slightly out of balance:rolleyes: . So, when you make it go high rpm it will be stretched out from the centre.

Why are you guys so busy with the high rpm?
There is nothing wrong with low rpm.
Low rpm is even more precise than high rpm.
Looks like a simplyfied k-probe, am I right?
Great rally, very hard to complete.
In fact I crashed a lot, so the driver would be dead by now.

Runs very very smooth:
96 - 100% real-time @ 48 fps.
I have a old laptop and I run this scene easily.

Nice scene 10/10 :tup:
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@Kilinich: Great for the users whom only want a rpm meter and don't want the extra K-Probe functions.

I use the normal K-Probe, because I think it is useful (and because it doesn't have a big impact on the system performance) for making both speedometers and rpm meters. And since I figured out how you have to place it on a car, I use it all the time. I use it on my "Micro car" for example.

I really love your nice looking and very useful scenes.
How did you know about all the mathical functions?
If I try to do that, my head starts to hurt quite a lot.
Thank you Monstertje3!
It's not an error, just let the ball fall from a higher position.
If you make the first swing go faster (by positioning it higher) it works!
If you dislike it, you could at least have said why you dislike it.
Is it slow?
Is it unreliable?

What is it that you dislike?
So, I can fix it!
I was talking about a much higher position.
About 11 o'clock.
And if you don't know what that means, it is almost vertical.
Keep trying at different angles, I succeeded in getting a Newton Cradle.
There isn't an error in the physics, you just didn't have the perfect set-up.
You should try to play with different materials and such.
The physics are working correctly, but you are doing it wrong. for the solution!
I don't have experience with a real Newton Cradle, but I do know that in real life the balls do have small gaps between them. The gap is little, but it is there.
The gap is so small that it can't be seen with the naked eye.
Algodoo places the balls so close to each other that there is no gap between them, in real life you can't place objects so close to each other with this precission (unless you align them under a microscope).
I tried the same gap trick on the 5 balls, but it didn't work. And I was too lazy to make it work correctly.
Last edited at 2011/10/15 09:33:10 by Banjerboef
What lagg are you talking about, it doesn't lag at my computer.
Okay, the simulation runs at 25%, so what!
It looks good!
@gameaddictwn: how he did it? hahaha. It is so simple, he uses invisible wheels like everybody.
Invisible wheels and a suspencion is all you need for a boat without water.
It saves a lot of lag and is also very practical (and more realistic than water).
Goed dat je het opmerkt!
Last edited at 2011/10/23 16:26:21 by Banjerboef
Please make a Bugatti Royale!!!

It is from 1927, but making a replica will be definedly worth it!
Mijn Micro car past er niet in:tdown: !!!!!

Ik weet dat mijn Micro car klein is, maar zo klein nou ook weer niet:bonk: .

Waarom maakte je er zelf eigenlijk n???
Was mijne niet goed genoeg ofzo :) .

Misschien kun je nog vering toevoegen, net als bij een echte wasmachine.
Last edited at 2011/10/26 17:05:53 by Banjerboef
Misschien had je de beschrijving van mijn wasmachine niet goed gelezen, maar die van mij hoort juist simpel te zijn. Het ging bij mijn wasmachine dus niet om looks, maar om functionaliteit.
En mijn auto wassen deed ie als de beste:bonk: !

Lampjes, wie wil dat nou niet:) !

Jouw wasmachine ziet er wel redelijk uit, alleen heeft mijn echte wasmachine niet zoveel ribbels in de trommel (slechts 6 ribbels om de was te kantelen).
Dus misschien kun je daar nog wat aan doen.

En als je dan toch aan het verbeteren gaat, misschien kun je dan het volgende toevoegen:
- Een wasprogramma (kun je maken met bijvoorbeeld een timer-script)
- Een bakje voor waspoeder/gel, die tijdens het wasprogramma gemengd wordt met water.
- Een deur, zodat de was ook uit de wasmachine kan worden gehaald.

Het zijn slechts ideen, maar als je een realistische wasmachine wil horen ze er wel bij:lol: .
This is just silly.
Because why add more objects to a big scene as replacement for a hinge?

I think this is a good idea, but only when it can handle more rpm than a normal hinge. Which I thing it won't handle.
Now you are being stupid.
Giving everybody your password might end up in a disaster!!!
They can change your password, the e-mail address or even take over your complete account.

Just tell them to response to this scene and write the changes in the description!
Looks like you used the same system as I do!!!
@Craft: I didn't complain, I just noticed.
It isn't very accurate, nor does it calculate the rpm fast.
I prefer the K-Probe, because it does the calculations real-time and not every second like yours does.
Looks: 6/10
Functionality: 9/10
Total: 7,5/10 (because I can't rate a 7,5, I'm gonna make it an 8)

I love the way you made those subwoofers work.
Real subwoofers don't have 10 springs to make the speaker move, but that doesn't matter.

If you have spare time, maybe you could add some nice details.
That's the only thing I missed in this scene.
I love the laptop by the way, I didn't see that in a speaker-scene before!
This car is awesome!!! 10/10
@Newilia: Do you know LFS too? Well, now you said it this scene does indeed remind me to that game. The only difference is that LFS is the worst modern racing game and that this scene is the best modern car simulation in Algodoo.
Mijn Micro Car past er weer niet in :tdown: !!!
Maar jouw wasmachine werkt erg goed!
Nu alleen nog het omhulsel, en dan is die van jou (ik haat het om het te zeggen) beter dan die van mij. Ik zou hem als ik jou was ook nog de andere kant om laten draaien, dus zowel links als rechtsom.
Nice launch technique. It isn't very stable, but still the concept is great.:tup:
@cakeface24: I know, but the previous version was so popular (628 downloads) that I decided that I should make an final completely perfect version. I knew that the speedometer wasn't perfect and that I had to improve that sometime.

I remembered that I said in one of the descriptions (the description of v3) that I was going to make an even smaller version (that's true, because that is the superleggera version). When I was making the smaller version, I improved the speedometer of it to make it more realistic. So, I thought why not improve the speedometer on my normal Micro car too. Thus this one is exactly the same as my v4, but the only difference is the improved speedometer.

So, this is my last version!
But I will still improve things on request for fun;) .
Last edited at 2011/11/09 10:03:46 by Banjerboef
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