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Fishing Game

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.28 MB

Date added: 2014-02-04

Rating: 5.9

Downloads: 1114

Views: 316

Comments: 16

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Score points by moving the fish hook into the path of the fish's mouth. The game may seem easy for a while, but things get going very fast over time!

Instructions are in the game.

NOTE: The highest possible score is 85 (the fish swims back and forth 85 times during the five minute period). But I'm almost 100 percent certain that no one can possibly achieve that score because of the fact that the fishing pole moves too slowly when the fish starts to move very fast. If anyone gets even close to 85, they are SUPER HUMAN! :o


Update: Fixed bug that caused fish to swim outside the water boundaries.
Last edited at 2014/02/05 01:06:57 by Xray
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Responses to this scene
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Title: Example to Xray
Rating: 5
Filesize: 7.51 kB
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Date added: 2014/02/05 17:55:07
Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0
Rating: rated 5
My best score was 21:drool:
Idea is good, but realization... not very... catch one and the same fish, that swims in a straight lines... :|
chemist - I tried to make the fish NOT move in a straight line, so I don't know why that happens when you play the game.

What were your scores? If the fish was moving in a straight line then you must get high scores compared to other people. So far, two other people show scores of 21 and 23. My own high score was 21.

Thanks for your comment.
s_noonan - Not bad for an old man! :lol:
33:P gets a bit tricky at the end though!
Wow, you have the highest score so far! I'm going to figure out what the highest possible score is, and I'll post it. I'll have to simply count how many times the fish swims back and forth during the five minute time period. :bonk:

UPDATE: The highest score is 85! I'm fairly certain that it's impossible to achieve that number because the fishing pole moves too slowly when the fish gets moving fast.
Last edited at 2014/02/05 01:02:59 by Xray
Xray - Thanks. I used my good eye. The game was so exciting, I almost had to change my diapers.
Xray, nice idea but as chemist said this scene is nos well maded at all, it could be improved using randomness if the fish isn't near enough to move it, you could actuaclly add the possibility of moving to all directions (x,y) vectors.

However, nice game my score is 30! :tup:
lololoer - I do use randomness in the Y direction, but the velocity is not fast enough when the fish swims fast in the X direction. So, at higher velocities in the X direction, it appears as though the fish is swimming in a straight line. I do not have much time right now due to my work schedule, but when I have time, I will see if I can make the Y velocity proportional to the X velocity, and then the fish will have more of a zig-zag motion at the higher speeds.

Thanks for your suggestion. :)
By the way, people are telling me that this game was not well made and that the fish is not random enough, but if the game is so easy, then why are the scores so low? :lol: Out of a possible high score of 85, the scores so far are only in the 20's and one 30! :bonk:

If I make the fish more random, the high scores are going to be LOWER!
Last edited at 2014/02/05 18:19:14 by Xray
I said not about difficulty, but about interest of game and it's quality.
chemist - Oh, Okay. Now I understand. I was also getting some feedback from others which made me wonder if the game was too easy (not enough randomness). But after thinking about it, that doesn't make sense because the scores are not very high, so that tells me that the game is not easy.

I will think of some ways to make the game more interesting and appealing. Thanks for your helpful comments!
Fly fishing?!
Good idea, Benjii!