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NG-AR-2 Bullpup assault rifle

screenshot of the scene

Author: ngphil

Group: Default

Filesize: 208.52 kB

Date added: 2014-01-14

Rating: 5

Downloads: 2377

Views: 678

Comments: 31

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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NOTE: I will eventually be adding a burst mechanism. that should come pretty soon

This is a bullpup assault rifle I designed. It features a gas piston, a thirty round magazine, semiautomatic fire, and fully automatic fire (and burst soon).

To use: cycle action, select firing mode, and fire. Magazine holds thirty rounds

When I fired this, I emptied a full mag without any problems or jams, so reliability should be decent.


-changed safety to a hammer-block. trigger can still be pulled, but hammer will not fall.

-loaded magazine for you. Just cycle action and you are ready to shoot.

-Improved selector switch mechanism.

-Set up selector mechanism range to accept new firing mode (burst is next)

-Improved selector even more


-Fixed magazine follower

Last edited at 2014/01/15 03:57:05 by ngphil
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Nice job overall!

Just a couple of minor problems to report.
1. When using the drag tool to fire the gun, and with the selector on SAFE, the trigger goes all the way back and therefore fires the gun in semi-auto mode! This does not happen when using the Return key to fire.
2. When loading the magazine the first time, I accidentally pulled it into the mag well so hard that the magazine popped out of the top of the gun and blew out a few mechanical parts along with it! :lol: So, I reduced the strength of the drag tool, and discovered it was then too light because it would not fully engage the magazine catch. So, after tweaking the drag tool strength, I got it to where it was just right.

I wish there were a better way to load a magazine into a gun without using the drag tool. That's a basic problem that ALL gun scenes seem to have (not just yours). Maybe if someone could design some sort of mechanical feeding system that would actuate by pressing a key. That would be awesome!
Did you immediately change the settings in the scene for the drag tool? I set it to a setting that makes it perfect strength.

I will fix the safety
Fixed Things XD
Yeah, I like this version much better! No futzing around trying to load a magazine with the drag tool! :lol: And the gun functions very well. I still have a little trouble with the drag too (so maybe it's just ME!). This time (without changing any settings) I tried to rotate the selector from SAFE to AUTO, and the knob kept slipping past AUTO and ended up on SEMI. That happened because the drag tool acted like I was pulling the selector with a rubber band. Even while trying to rotate the selector to AUTO from SEMI, the same thing happened. Because of the rubbery drag tool, the selector would slip past AUTO and land on SAFE. I had to wrestle with it a number of times until I finally was able to make the selector stop on AUTO. I may not be doing it the same way you are, but I'm using my logic and common sense which doesn't seem to be working! So, I have no idea what's going on.

If you were able to make a tutorial video that shows you loading, selecting, and firing the gun, it might give me (and other people who have similar problems) a clue as to how to properly do it.

Sorry for the rambling.
NG,you have perfected this bullpup rifle.For Xray,you have to gently move the selector.By that I mean drag it very slowly and dont try to pull it whencit kinda sways.Overall,I see no problems with this weapon.No jams,stuck components,no problems.This could very well be the perfect rifle in algodoo.
Actually, the selector shouldn't be too hard to fix. I noticed as well that it liked to skip auto easily. Should take a couple minutes, if that, to correct
Thank you VZstrikez08!
ngphil - Because I have so much trouble with my drag tool, I wonder if maybe mine works differently from most other people's. Without changing any settings, it still acts like I'm pulling things with a rubber band. Does your drag tool operate that way too? If you tell me NO, then I'm sure that something is different in how my drag tool is set up. But if you tell me YES, then I have to assume that it's just ME, and for some reason I can't seem to use it correctly. Please let me know.

No, I have no issues. Try default settings (double clicking the slider or clicking the scroll button
Take a look at this video and see if you don't have the same issue with a rubbery grab tool:
Last edited at 2014/01/14 18:56:42 by Xray
this is great and the rellaiability is great but the trigger does go back all the way even on safe a bit like xrays problem but otherwise it is amazing 10/10
-Birchy,the trigger will always go back on this gun.The safety mode just stops the hammer from dropping,thus,preventing the gun from firing.
ADDDING BURST NOW!!! auto resetting burst mechanism like they have in European weapons.
Oh, xray, you seem to be approaching the selector completely wrong. Try dragging opposite the direction of the mode you want to be in. I will upload a video with the rifle and link it here.
But isn't that how a person would switch the selector on a real rifle? That's the way I moved the selector on an M16, with my thumb! How else can it be done? :huh:
well, algodoo isn't real life:P you don't have thumbs in algodoo. instead, you have a single point that can toggle between being passive and isolating a point on an object. When isolating, you drag by applying a vector force to the object. The strength setting tells the program how many newtons to add to that vector per simulated meter you pull.

I am uploading a video now on how to to it, as well as a demonstration of the weapon.
Yes, I know Algodoo isn't real life (but thanks for telling me just in case I didn't know that). That's not a valid excuse for not making something as close to real life as possible. There are many things that we humans are used to doing in real life, such as pulling the trigger with your index finger. But since we cannot use our index finger in Algodoo, we have to improvise an alternative method, and (in my opinion) we need to explain in detail how the improvised methods are supposed to work since they are not usually intuitive. On a real selector, I use my thumb to change its position (as most people do) but since the author of a scene must use an alternative method to operate the selector, the procedure should be explained in detail in order so that people don't fumble around trying to figure out what was in the mind of the author.

I'm looking forward to seeing your video!
Last edited at 2014/01/15 02:28:00 by Xray
Thanks for all your help, Xray! Intelligent and creative support and ideas are very much appreciated, and you have been nothing short of supportive, creative, intelligent, and constructive through the entire Next Generation Firearms series so far.

The selector is a bit difficult for me to perfect, as it supports four positions in a semicircular arrangement. It is hard to make a mechanism that allows the selector to "snap" into position without potentially continuing to the next position. You can use arrow keys to change setting, but I seemed to have forgotten to mention that. I will check it.
Yes, I checked, and up arrow key pushes the selector up from safe to auto, auto to semi, semi to burst, and down pushes it reversed that.
Burst mode works great! :tup: And using the arrow keys to work the selector is an excellent idea. I know that you don't like to write script if you can help it, but there are times when it surely makes things a lot easier and simpler! GOOD JOB! _o_
Arrow keys work now. Maybe I could set the scene up for you, Xray, With hinge settings enabled as well as anything else you may need to script it to incrementally or decrementally change mode with a tap of the arrow key. the script does not sound too hard (just a 22.5 degree rotation up or down per tap of the said key)
Alright, export of the video is at 95%. I will upload it once it completes.
Video should be visible soon at
Embedded video on the scene description
Excellent video demo! And I see that your drag tool works exactly like mine. i.e., it has a rubbery pull to it. And now I see the trick to moving the selector with that rubbery drag tool. I also enjoyed the "X-ray vision" image of the mechanical components while the action was cycling. Very cool! It also adds to my amazement of how you were able to assemble all those parts and springs and hinges in such a tight space, while at the same time having them all work the way they are supposed to. I am totally impressed by that! _o_

If you want me to, I could add some script that would make the selector move to any desired position simply by clicking the mouse on it. Of course you would get total credit for the gun, and I will only take credit for the script. If Okay with you, I'll give it a shot (pun intended!:lol: )
I like your puns. You are rather PUNNY! (forgive me for lame puns). By all means, post a response with the fixed gun. By the way, if so many people like this gun, why hasn't anybody rated it? That's something I just noticed. The opposite of my NG-PSP-2. Someone rated it without commenting, and I don't know who XD
Last edited at 2014/01/15 04:55:51 by ngphil
Yeah, people sometimes don't bother Rating a scene even if they like it a lot. I have some older scenes that have way over 1000 downloads, and great comments, but no ratings! I don't understand it.

Okay, question about the Bullpup. I want to modify the hinge that allows the selector to rotate, but in order to get to it I see that I have to go down through a couple of layers of other things like the frame polygon, and then the circle for the selector. I know that I have to ungroup a bunch of things that you grouped in order to get to that hinge, but can you give me some help here? I need a list of instructions that will allow me to get to the hinge, modify some of its parameters, and then put everything back so that it looks and functions correctly. How can I do that?
Click the skin once, hold shift, and scroll forward. Where the selector is, there is a hinge, only seen when the sim in not running.
Cool! So what exactly does that do? And when finished modifying the hinge, do I reverse the action (scroll backward)?
That moves the skin to the back. Scrolling backwards brings it back to the front. it's a shortcut that replaces Selection->move selection to back.
Last edited at 2014/01/15 06:07:25 by ngphil
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