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Author: ngphil

Group: Default

Filesize: 494.37 kB

Date added: 2013-10-17

Rating: 5

Downloads: 1463

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

Algodoo Gun,
H and K

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This is my first pin-fire weapon (as opposed to hammer-fire). There is no hammer, so semi-automatic is relatively easy to simulate. If you noticed my NG-SMG-1 somewhere else on the site, you will notice it uses the same ammunition. I chose the German word "PersonenSchutz Pistole" because the pistol reminds me of many German and Austrian firearms my Opa used to collect, and I incorporated some of the same components, but gave the gun my own unique style. This is, at the moment, still a work-in-progress. It does occasionally jam, and some systems do have flaws. I have grouped the internal component and mechanism groups to allow a better understanding of the way this gun works. There are the barrel assembly, the extraction/feeding assembly, firing assembly, slide- lock mechanism, and the safety Assembly. All of these systems can be used with the skin brought to the front, and they all function. You can empty the magazine with zero jams or errors at some times, and other times it may seem like every other shot has some kind of error.

To explain how the firing pin advances only once with each pull of the trigger, stopping after each cycle, you must first create a firing pin with a spring pushing it TOWARDS the primer versus away from it, as often seen with hammer-fire systems. You need to attach a block to the firing pin and a sear to that to prevent the pin from dropping without the trigger being pulled. The sear should be a block with a hinge in the center, and the sear block should be rectangular, oriented horizontally. To make the sear capable of being moved out of the way of the pin, a cam should be attached to the trigger that pushes a firing block upwards on the front of the sear, dropping the rear of the sear which then releases the pin. However, this setup alone will only result in slam-firing, where the weapon will continue firing until the magazine is emptied. To avoid this, an additional pin must be placed on the sear itself, which can move into the sear if pressed on from the front. The pin will not collapse into the sear if pressed on from the bottom, but will rather push the sear up with it, firing the first shot. Ideally, we want some kind of mechanical process to bring the firing pin back behind the sear when the weapon's action cycles. The sear and the pin both move with the slide assembly. To lock the pin momentarily, a block must be placed in front of it on forward motion of the slide. This block will cock the pin back into the fire-ready position. The block must be capable of moving up and down to allow it to be cammed up at the right time. A roller is attached to the block and a cam pushes up on the roller once the firing pin is behind the sear again. When the weapon fires, the firing pin moves forward in front of the sear, but this mechanical motion I just described brings the firing pin back behind the sear. Because the sear disconnector pin moved back with the sear and the slide, the pin is no longer pushed up by the firing block. When the slide pushed forward completely, the sear pin is collapsed by this firing block, which is now in front of it rather than under it, assuming pressure is still applied to the trigger. Once the trigger is released, the firing block moves down again, allowing the sear pin to move forward over it. This is the process for firing one shot.

What I just described was the mechanical process I needed to design to make the weapon function correctly. I completed the working design in less than a day, but updates will be made to improve it.

Instructions on how to use the Pistol will be displayed on a temporary instruction box in the simulation.

10/17: added textures and calibration updates to improve performance
Last edited at 2013/10/17 20:55:27 by ngphil
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I'm so happy to know that there are other Algodoo users who are verbose like ME! :lol: :lol: :lol:

By the way, you may be verbose (and there's nothing wrong with that) but your scenes are AWESOME! :tup: