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NG-SMG-1 Tri-burst Concept

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Author: ngphil

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Filesize: 80.16 kB

Date added: 2013-09-28

Rating: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

burst fire,
three round bur

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This is a close-up internal view of the tri-burst trigger group I used in my Tactical NG-SMG-1. The original concept was created by yuras12, but I made my own version and made it so the system would function correctly with higher rotation speeds. This trigger group is based on the XM-16A2 or M-16A2 trigger group, with modifications to allow better performance in Algodoo. If you wish, you can utilize this design, but I would ask you give credit to Yuras12 for the initial concept and myself for the finished, functioning product. The system is NOT perfect. It will occasionally skip a tooth and fire a 2-round burst instead of 3. It sometimes also fires 4 or 5 rounds. That is rare, though. In most cases, it will fire only one or two rounds as a result of the toothed-camming wheel being in the wrong position as a result of previous firing in another mode or releasing the trigger too early at 1 or 2 rounds being fired. The next pull of the trigger will complete the cycle, with the next cycle being set up for three rounds.
Last edited at 2013/10/16 05:17:48 by ngphil
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I've seen a similar after-market trigger that can be installed on an AR-15 that gives a 3-round burst. I'm not sure if it is legal here in the U.S. because it converts the semi-auto rifle into full-auto (3 rounds for each trigger pull).
3-round burst is actually a semi-automatic mechanism, but it requires the addition of another selector setting that deactivates the 1-round semi-automatic disconnector, and an interruptor that makes the weapon capable of fully-automatic. The argument works for both sides, as full-auto is possible if the burst-disconnector fails, but it utilizes the same mechanical principle of a typical disconnector.