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Forester Thyme Simulation Project v1.0.1

screenshot of the scene

Author: Ky13harbor9

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.06 MB

Date added: 2013-01-02

Rating: 7.8

Downloads: 7205

Views: 1220

Comments: 25

Ratings: 11

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.1 Edu


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This is a Subaru Forester (1st Gen) with many features

Promo Video:

Up- Increase Accelerator Axis
Down- Increase Brake Axis
Right- Hold Accelerator & Brake Axes
Left- Release Clutch (M/Clutch Only)
Page Up/Down- Increase/Decrease Parking Brake

Return- Ignition On & Starter
' " - Ignition Off
Shift- Change Transmission Mode (Aut. Man. M/C.)

Automatic: R,N,1- Reverse, Neutral, Drive
Manual: R,N,1,2,3,4,5- Reverse, Neutral, Gears 1-5
C- Engage Cruise Control At Current Speed (40+MPH)
>/<- Increase/Decrease Cruise Control Speed

W- Toggle Winter Mode (TCS/Sensitive ABS)
A- Toggle ABS (On By Default)
J- Toggle Joystick Control (Accelerator & Brake Axes)
Joystick Up- Accelerator Axis
Joystick Down- Brake Axis

Major Features:
Thyme-Simulated Drivetrain
Automatic/SemiManual/ManualClutch Transmission
Fully Functioning Adjustable ABS TCS
Alpha-Based Wheel Blur
Joystick Control
Photorealistic Artwork (Originals Included)
Dozens of Hours of Development


[This text is included in the scene, attached to the dashboard]

Notice: Scene runs at 150Hz

Thanks for Downloading!
Please post any questions or comments!
Last edited at 2013/08/28 22:00:31 by Ky13harbor9
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Amazing! Works really well :tup:
At least! I've been waiting something new from you for a lot of time! I will play it ASAP.
Anyways I know it deserves a 10/10!
Wow, this is better than a lot of scenes I've played, great work!
Wow! Just wow! :o
this is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Good, but not the best. You should improve the shifting speeds because every gear is shifted at "5000" rpm, and for the readables scripting, beta15 is much better!
Anyways 10/10
Love it. I think you use a ton of script, great job!
what about engine power curve? can you post function? how it works on negative rpm and rpm> limit ?
looks like there is a problem with moving back on -15 deg slope. it must not allow to set 1-5 speed and engine should stuck. :unsure:
Last edited at 2013/01/04 19:57:07 by Kilinich
@The Linkage
I designed the shifting script to emulate real ones. This means that if you don't use full throttle, it will shift earlier to reduce rpm overall. Make sure you're using 100% throttle. If you're using a joystick make sure that you push it only straight forward, any x axis adds the side force, which isn't detected by the sensor.

Here's my equation... = (10000 + ( - (( - 300) / 350) ^ 3)) / 79
(calculates roughly in ft-lb)

Here's a link to a graph of the equation

I removed the horsepower variable, since I couldn't find a use for it. (although it's probably still there in console)

About your second comment:
Since the rpm meters detect absolute value of rpm, this makes reverse difficult. Most car simulation engines use negative rpm if the car is moving backwards. I simply invert the direction of force if the transmission is in reverse.
So what happens when the car is rolling backwards? The script assumes the car is moving forwards (or backwards if in reverse,) so engine-wheel synchronization matches for absolute value of the speed of the wheels, even though forces work correctly (most times.) It's all a bit buggy <_<

I thought about restricting shifting between R and 1 at speeds of less than 5 mph, but I figured it's how most people would shift anyways, so I left the option in. (also because I'm lazy:P)
Well, if you want to make good sim you need to pay attention to every case...
Negative rpm, over rpm, engine brake, reverce on high rpm etc..:tup:

Very true. I think if I measure x movement of the car, and if the reading is negative then I'd negate rpm, but I'm not sure how to do it otherwise, unless I make an rpm reader of my own :x
Awsome game, man! :B
Just one little problem: What will you do if you run out of fuel? Cos I was just on the game and my car is almost out of fuel.:/
I forgot to say that it's easy to stall your engine if you don't step on the gas. If you shift to first gear and not reving up to 4000 rpm the you'll stall the engine. But if your reving up to 4000 rpm then you'll be shifing gear quickly. The max rpm in 1st, 2nd, 3rd is 6000 rpm, but for 4th gear is 5000, and 5th is 3000 rpm. Comment on this page if you have any ideas how you could refuel your car. :-B
Oh, and the max speed is 80 that's why 4th and 5th gear have different rpm states.:P

The fuel system is very basic. When the car "runs out of fuel," I think the ignition shuts itself off and the car will not start. This simulates no fuel accurately because the starter will still crank but the engine doesn't sustain itself by burning gas. If you want to unofficially "spawn" more fuel, all you need to do is type in console: "" and enter it. This should fill the tank to 15 gallons again, or you can enter a lower value to reduce the amount of fuel in the car. I do hope you like my little orange fuel warning light. I was afraid nobody would get to see it :lol:

The reason I limited the top speed of the car to 80 is the instability of Algodoo's hinges. This is also a major reason I turned up "sim.frequency". The higher it is, the faster hinged polygons can spin without breaking from centrifugal forces. Without the speed limiter, the car's wheels will fly around and glitch the program at around 82 mph. I don't recommend taking out the speed limiting code (if you can understand what the lines do.. :P ) This is also the reason that the max rpm you can achieve in the different gears (outside of the car's drag limitation) is lower than 6000. The point of having those gears is really just for overdrive purposes- where an engine runs at lower rpm to save fuel while you're cruising along. But this is an intended effect...

I don't really know how to spawn more fuel in to the cars fuel tank.:bonk:
BUT I think the little orange low fuel light is funny! :troll:
Couldn't we just have a key for the car to spawn more fuel in to the tank?
Like p or any letter on your keboard! :yay:

I wish if you could add a little fuel pump in the background so then you could fill the car up a different way...

Anyways, this game deserves a 10/10!!!:cool:
Page up and page down is the handbrake!

Page up is to put the handbrake on.

Page down is to turn the handbrake off! You're welcome!:P
You could make the max speed 100 mph. Cos' the hinges don't have a huge spazam then.:devil:



I CAN'T REFIL IT!?!?!?!?!?!?

HELP ME!!!!:cry: :crying:



@MuntyBurnz = 15
It won't work for me. the car won't even drop