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screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.89 MB

Date added: 2012-12-11

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 3581

Views: 607

Comments: 22

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu


Scene tag

A standard game of bowling with automatic scoring, but not like any other bowing scene here on Algobox. It has simulated 3D effects, as the ball gets thrown AWAY from the player, as if it's travelling into your monitor! Also, the scene uses NO GRAVITY, so I had to make artificial gravity in the area of the pins in order to make them behave naturally (very tricky to do!). The ball physics may seem a little weird, and I'm well aware of that fact, so you need not tell me that the ball moves rather strangely. That only adds more challenge to the game! (good excuse! :lol: )

This game was made with the latest version of Algodoo (currently v2.0.2b15) so the game may not function properly if you have an earlier version of Algodoo.

Instructions are in the game. Please comment.


EDIT - 12/15/2012 - I corrected all the scoring bugs that I could find, and now it seems to calculate the score correctly. If I missed something, please let me know about it.

Last edited at 2012/12/16 00:01:06 by Xray
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Awesome!! Really amazing stuff here! I only had one issue. the balls fly really really fast sometimes and the pins go flying. Still 10/10! :tup: :lol: :tup:
Striking!! Nicely done. :tup: :tup:
cool! my total score was 221 ;) .I will give you a hint for this game:
"your lucky launch is next to you (at the left)." :y
Last edited at 2012/12/11 11:08:23 by faytree
I did an attempt to a bowling alley too, it works, but that's it.
I wanted to do a scoring system, but I got frustrated that it didn't work proberly.
So, I quit that project.
Nice job though!
Not very playable, but great scene in general! :tup:
lethalsquirl - Thanks! Yes, as I mention in my comments, the ball does some funny things at times, but I see that as adding a little extra "challenge" to the game!

s_noonan - Thanks!

faytree - Because the game is "digital" it is very repeatable, which means that if you can find a "sweet spot" starting position for the ball, you can bowl a 300 nearly every time.

Banjerboef - The scoring process for ten-pin bowling is not easily done in software, especially in script types of programs such as Thyme. It is easier to code using other languages that allow calling subroutines and passing arguments, such as C++ and Visual Basic. Thanks for your comments!

Kilinich - If I had made it too easy, then no one would want to play it! ;)
Besides, it's my first version, and I knew that it would need some work to improve it. IF I decide to work on an upgraded version, it will have more features, and I will improve the ball physics so that it translates more naturally. Thanks for your comments!
crapy ball movement XD
it's almost impossible to cheat the 'total' score.
faytree - Sorry, I found a bug that prevents you from getting 300. :bonk: I fixed it and confirmed that it works correctly. Please try again.

Luezma - DUH! (Crappy comment)
Last edited at 2012/12/12 02:59:03 by Xray
now my highest is 290:coolgrin:
faytree - Good game! My highest is 300, but that's because I know where the sweetspot is, and I can bowl a strike every frame! :coolgrin:

Here's a little hint for ya..... After each frame, stop Algodoo, then restart it (in other words, tap your spacebar twice). That way, if you do not knock down the correct number of pins that you wanted to, you can click on the BACK arrow, and the scene will go back to the last time you stopped Algodoo. If you do not do that, then when you click on the BACK arrow, the game will start from the beginning. :cry:
i do that way to, but how do you got 300? i got all strike by that sweet spot to.The precious target is at the middle (the pin).
oh btw.why you don't post this on forums? (scene section).
@faytree - Thanks for your suggestion. I may go ahead and post it in the forum.
Xray, I can confirm that the current uploaded scene will only score 290 for 12 strikes, the last frame only scores 20, not 30 like it should
Jon_joy_1999 - Thanks for the info. I have that bug fixed already, but before I update the scene, I'm going to put it through the wringer and make sure that the scoring system is correct for all situations (strikes, spares, and open frames) before I update it. I should have it completed in a day or two.

EDIT - Scoring now FIXED! :)
Last edited at 2012/12/16 00:02:52 by Xray
Xray excellent! ... now, if you could fix the undo function in Real Life, that would be awesome. it hasn't been working for me since as long as I can remember
jon_joy_1999 -- Thanks for the kudos! I also wish that my real life undo function worked so I could undo my first marriage. :lol:

And of course we all would like to be able to undo that tragic school shooting. :(
Make a 100 pin bowling lane
Very Nice!Thumbs Up. My best is 300 now!
(I logged out my account and created a new one so Im the guy you banned Xray.)
Xray I used to be C011E1ectr0, the guy you baned me but now im not C011E1ectro, M retyguy but my identity has never changed. I am the same person with many different accounts. Please...Xray, I PROMISE never to upload maps again
And Xray there are some bugs with the dates please fix dat