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V8 engine - ONLY 35 objects

screenshot of the scene

Author: JakubKubo

Group: Default

Filesize: 39.02 kB

Date added: 2019-05-17

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 1904

Views: 277

Comments: 7

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

- Idle: ~553 rpm
- Weights: 2.5t
- Cost: 5 cookies*
*(3 cookies for members of FAT team)
- Switched to LegacyMode=0, lowered inertia of flywheel,
crankshaft offset greatly reduced for higher RPM
- Can safely rev to 4100 rpm on 240 Hz

"Are you happy now, Linkage?"

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no i'm not. Tachometer shows 10x less speed (5 x 100 = 500) and legacyMode 0 axles are ancient lol, use spring axles (const 1e10, damping +inf, forceDirectSolve true)

just being nitpicky

also tf is FAT team
also, you shouldn't use braked axles for crankshaft connections (or any timing-sensitive usage for that matter). They slip and will drift overtime. It's not that much of a problem in your case but using springs as connecting rods (as in my latest 3cyl) is a much more reliable approach

Or use bend axles. Thing is, it won't work too well if your engine has high torque, and the circles to which the axles are connected have to be very heavy otherwise they have very bad torque
I edited tachometer to show x1000 Idk, why x100 is there:bonk:

What about bend-axles and braked axles?
This engine is NOT time sensitive, so it is fine here
"For Advanced Thymers" are scenes I made for other thymers, normal mortal won't understand them :bonk:
You belong to FAT team too, because your are great! _o_ _o_

I'll try those spring axles you are talking about, but not in this engine
This engine is made with fewest parts possible, so it is not CPU intense
And when CPU power is not wasted on engine, I can make more complex cars
well in that case you might want to attempt this but at 120 Hz with the new tricks (and spring rods instead of axles) - if you make it right and possibly add timing offsets, you could get it to 6000 RPM while at half the sim frequency. 60 Hz engines are possible but run pretty rough.
I have 4 cookies, do you take discounts for Thyme Enthusiasts? :lol:
Last edited at 2019/05/29 11:05:32 by JakubKubo
Yes, 3 cookies For Advanced Thymers (FAT) team :y