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Gumby vs Alien Dance Contest

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.55 MB

Date added: 2017-09-12

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 3925

Views: 724

Comments: 26

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Which one do you think is the best dancer?

NOTE: This scene will be much more enjoyable if you play the song "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gee's while watching it. :tup:

NOTE2: Most of the "behind the scenes" technical stuff was designed by user: s_noonan, Mechanical Engineer and software guru.
Last edited at 2017/09/12 04:26:08 by Xray
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This is awesome!
Did you used timed scripts or anything else (like timed scripts) on this scene?
I think gumby is the better dancer!
War Games - Thanks for your comments. The scripts that make this scene work are fairly complex and were developed by user s_noonan. You can see the hidden control panel by zooming out some and then select a large area just to the left of the dancers. You will see a hidden box which covers the control panel. Just left click on that box and delete it (do not select it by dragging the selected area because you will accidentally delete the control panel!). Just click on the box and then delete it. You should then see instructions for recording and playing back movements of the puppets. I used this scene from another similar scene that I uploaded some time ago.
"Staying Alive" is the song that comes to mind when seeing a technical scene among the hundreds of marble race scenes.
Green and bone man dance floor like xray Music
s_noonan - You got THAT right! :tup:

abcd123 - "Green and bone man"??? That's funny! :lol:
Xray how did u make the alien and gumby move it looks so funny and cool XD
and gumby is a better dancer
ommon2 - As I mentioned before in the scene description and in the comments, user s_noonan designed most of the software that animates the puppets. He used the built-in programming language known as Thyme scripting. When a person has a good understanding of how the scripting works, and also has a good understanding of math and physics, he/she can do some truly amazing things with it. It gives a person much more "power" and flexibility that he/she would not have with just the standard Algodoo physics tools.
oh ok alot of word but thanks i guess :l
Oh, OK, very few words, but you're welcome I guess.:|
XD lol
I think gumby is better dancer
And Xray why do you like to be funny
NM0501 - Because that's just the way I am. If you like it, GREAT! If you do not like it, then I give you lots of raspberries and spit. :yum:
hahah its so funny cool game:D
can i post text scenes again? (just asking)
Do you like to get banned? (just asking)
No (just asking)
Can i just draw letters with the brush instead? (just asking)
Sure, you can draw letters, but you cannot post messages or announcements to other users. Text is text regardless of how you form the letters. Algobox is not a forum, and it's not a chat room, and it's not a social media web site, and we don't want it to turn into any of those types of web sites.

Now, please forget about wanting to chat with others in scenes because it will get you banned.

By the way, it's not necessary to write "just asking" each time you ask a question. It sounds really dumb, don't ya think? Just asking.
Last edited at 2019/08/08 21:37:17 by Xray
Yes, i belive i will draw letters instead of text.
When you "draw letters" in order to transmit an idea or a message to another person is still called TEXT. Text is the message itself, not how you form the letters.

Definition: TEXT
Then how will i make my marble collection without text?
it will be hard for people to not understand.
when i make burgundy, people say it's dark rose, which makes no sense.
YeetBoi1 -- I hope you will understand this comment because I don't want this chat with you to go on and on until either of us dies from old age. So, listen up.... Yes, it is okay for you to put text or write words and stories in your scenes which are part of the story line for your little cartoon people. What is NOT allowed is for people to write text messages directed to other users. In other words, it is not okay to use scenes for communicating with other users.

This is the last I will say about this subject. I am done with it.

Xray out --