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Thyme example: Ballistic angle

screenshot of the scene

Author: phunanon

Group: Default

Filesize: 49.69 kB

Date added: 2017-06-23

Rating: 5

Downloads: 121

Views: 57

Comments: 2

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This example includes two guns - one aims directly, the other aims overhead. The mathematical functions within this scene demonstrate ballistic trajectory when a velocity and coordinates are supplied.

Try it out by moving the mouse to various locations to the right and above of this position, for hundreds of metres.

Inspect the postStep function of the red transparent firing blocks, and study the Math Block for math.calcBallisticAngle(), to see the arguments given.
The velocity (speed) the projectile is to travel is encoded in the density of the firing block.

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I'm happy that you decided to come back to Algobox and become active again! There are not very many "technical" people here any more. It has become overrun by young children posting simple scenes of cartoon stick men or marbles. )|(

Anyhow, there seems to be a couple of problems with this scene, unless I'm not using it correctly. The first is that neither laser follows the cursor exactly where it points. They are both off-target by at least 30 to 50 degrees. And the other issue is the fact that the lasers do not function at all beyond about 210 or 220 meters. Beyond that range, the lasers just point along the ground. But even though the lasers do not point as expected, the projectiles do hit whichever target that the mouse cursor is pointing to! That is quite impressive!

Any idea what might be happening?
Last edited at 2017/06/23 22:37:40 by Xray
Well, the pointing towards the ground is to be expected - you are going out of the range of the mathematical function, which I believe just returns zero in that case.

Being off target (not pointing towards the mouse) is wholly expected - it uses ballistics rather than pointing directly, to counteract gravity!