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Semi-Realistic 5 cylinder Radial

screenshot of the scene

Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 326.13 kB

Date added: 2017-05-26

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 6208

Views: 582

Comments: 14

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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I think this is my best radial yet. Looks good, performs okay (from a demonstrative point of view) and doesn't lag, even on my PC...
W to accelerate. To see the 4 stroke cycles better I think you should leave it on idle, otherwise put the sim on 0.1x
Uses Lambda linkages and Negative adhesion (thanks eanayayo). It's a spawn engine even though it doesn't look like it

Also, please check out our try at our new scene sharing site, (click on the link!) Anyone is invited, as long as the scenes end up on the corresponding category (algicosathlon/stickmen/marble races on the marble race/algicosathlon category, etc.)
Last edited at 2017/05/26 03:40:13 by The Linkage
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A little note about the "semi-realisticness": The cylinders and pistons are huge on purpose. I never liked the usual radials that look like a central tube with 5 little cylinders protruding from the sides, so this is purely a design made to look good. It might be possible to make an engine like this in real life though
Very nicely done! SOOOOOOO SMOOOOOOOOTH :tup:
I did the same "huge piston" thing on my hit and miss engine also. Just looks cooler. :P
Thanks! :tup:
I have to admit, I whipped up this thing in ~3 days mostly to mention Algoboards since we've been putting it together for a long time. Every time I feel bored and don't know what scene to do, I make a radial... not sure what's wrong with me :lol:
Just curious.... Why another Algobox type website? If you allow children making MR's and camps, then you will end up with exactly the same crap that we have here!
Xray, there are categories. The point of having a dedicated marble race board is for us never to open it and live with our Technical board and the Tools board. The only big problem I've found is that the maximum attachment is 1 MB, so we'll probably have to rely on other upload services (I thought, why not upload here from the integrated browser with a simple description and send the link there, making a nicer description with BBcode and all). But what differs from Algobox is the organized nature of a forum; here we wanted to make a totally separated part for marble races and that kinda stuff, but Algoryx seemingly didn't want to...
Besides I highly doubt that they'll actually spend time uploading a scene the old way...
That makes sense. I hope that it works out, and that people will start to use it. Time will tell!
Nice work on the radial engine.

Here are my thoughts on

It looks good. Nice job setting it up.
It's kind of you to include marble racers but I doubt they will use it.
You mention a "Tools" board. I don't see it.
I think the 1 MB attachment limit is a good thing. Most scenes can be made < 1 MB. For example, all your scenes except for one scene is < 1 MB.
If I understand it correctly, there is a 200 MB attachment limit before they start charging for space. How many scenes do you think can be uploaded before they start charging you.

-forgot to make the "tools" board :lol: I'll make it right now
- Hopefully it'll be a long way until we get to the 200 MB mark, and I assume it'll be enough for ~500 scenes since not too many people will upload heavy scenes. And those who do heavy scenes will have to rely on external services. I think that using Algobox for this matter, then getting the link and putting it on the forum is a good idea, since you can make a simple description and upload it from Algodoo's internal browser itself then use the link as if it was Dropbox
Making a link sounds like a good idea. If you were to link the thumbnail and scene with ProBoards BBCode like this:

[img src="" alt="Semi-Realistic 5 cylinder Radial"]

[a href=""]Semi-Realistic 5 cylinder Radial[/a]

then there would be no attachments and unlimited scenes.
Last edited at 2017/05/28 12:31:00 by s_noonan
Whoa _o_ That method is perfect!

It looks like this. I'll add a guide on how to upload scenes on Algoboards
Okay, after some fiddling around with HTML I managed to generate a small widget that has a link to the Algobox description page (i.e. this page) and a direct download link, and you only need the scene number for it, just like in the official forum. I can't add the thumbnail since I would have to magically know the name of the scene:

which I don't know. So for now I'll keep it like this, and add that if anyone wants to put the thumbnail they have to head over to the description, copy the image URL and insert it.

I want to make sharing as simple as possible
Very good, nice and smooth working.

I registered to AlgoBoards too
Last edited at 2017/07/03 04:34:07 by Luezma