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Simon (memory game)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Technical

Filesize: 308.69 kB

Date added: 2016-09-25

Rating: 5.5

Downloads: 2757

Views: 458

Comments: 12

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This is similar to the old electronic game called Simon, except that there are no musical sounds (and that's because Algodoo does not have sound!).

After you start Algodoo, click on the "Start New" button, and then you will see one of the four colors flash. You must remember which color flashed and then click on the same color. If you were successful, then two colors will flash. You must then click on the correct sequence of flashes. If successful, then Simon will flash 3 colors, then 4, then 5,.... all the way to 20 (if you correctly match them). Each sequence is randomly selected at the start of each round. There are 8 different sequences, and there is a maximum of 20 flashes in each sequence. Most people (like me) have trouble remembering more than 9 or 10 colors in a sequence, and I doubt that there is anyone who can match all 20 (without cheating).

Post your maximum number of correct matches in the comments!
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I got 37 matches. Beat that!:P
No way! :lol:
Double XD
My score was: 14.
Great Concept! ;)
Last edited at 2016/10/04 09:38:00 by MaverickMine1987
I got 20
Works great, but it should say you won when you finished the sequence, now it just looks like it's broke when you get to 20

Can you add longer sequences?
Last edited at 2016/09/26 21:00:45 by T'wind
T'wind - Wow, that's amazing! I figured because I can remember only 10 or 11 colors, that it would be impossible for anyone else to remember much more than that. But I was wrong! :lol:

While working on a game, I do my best to debug it before I upload it to Algobox, but I cannot locate all of the bugs. So I wait until others have played the game and they report back to me with some of the issues that they uncover (as you did).

You are correct that it should pop up a message that says "Congratulations!" or something like that if you correctly make it through the entire sequence of colors. I will work on that. Also, yes, the sequence can be a lot longer, and I will work on that too.

Thanks for your feedback! :)
Last edited at 2016/09/26 21:28:58 by Xray
springhydra56 - That's good! If it was too easy, then people would get bored. Because of the fact that it's hard for some and easy for others, it is somewhat challenging, and people like that.

I plan on making some changes to it based on some feedback that I got from other people, and also some ideas of my own. I just need to find some time to work on it.

Thanks for your comment!
Last edited at 2016/10/02 20:36:41 by Xray
I got into your script, and I see here that you've used lots of arrays, and a way to make them look random. However, you could have make an array composed of trully random itens. For example, everytime a new game started, you could make this run:
_patern = [math.toInt(((rand.uniform01)*4) + 1), math.toInt(((rand.uniform01)*4) + 1), math.toInt(((rand.uniform01)*4) + 1), math.toInt(((rand.uniform01)*4) + 1), .....]
So, everytime a new game was to begin, you'd have a new random sequence.

Anyways, AWESOME job! Congratz!
gcarbonetti -- I have two versions of the game posted. In this one, a local variable called _activePattern gets a random number between zero and seven each time the game starts, so that any one of the eight patterns will get selected. In version V2, I do not use random numbers at all, but I did double the size of each pattern array (to 40 elements). My thought was, with 40 numbers in each array (each number represents one of four colors), and eight different arrays, that the patterns are sufficiently large so that no "normal" person would be able to memorize all of them!

Thanks for the suggestion! :)
i got 100 without cheating
And I got 47392 without cheating!