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Karmann Ghia

screenshot of the scene

Author: pnvv

Group: Default

Filesize: 12.89 MB

Date added: 2016-04-13

Rating: 7

Downloads: 4743

Views: 659

Comments: 25

Ratings: 9

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Holy crap it's been so long since I've uploaded a thing :yum:

Anyway, no more be said; this is a rebuild of my ancient Karmann Ghia. Not really a rebuild, more a complete and utter redesign; this is all new from the ground up. I figured, since my car-creating skills sucked so bad back then, and also the Karmann Ghia is one of my absolute favorite cars, I figured it deserves a reboot with new tech :*)

It includes a lot of new features, like variable throttle and clutch, better suspension, much improved bodywork, a better gearbox (Hey eanayayo, I actually used this handy thing called "Math" to figure out the ratios. Have you ever tried using it? :lol: ) I did all this to make it more realistic; driving a car in real life is not as simple has going 200mph and pressing 3 keys, I make it so it actually requires a little skill to do it decently.

Track credits go to Roman. I need to start making my own sometime :bonk:

Well anyway, rate, comment, and subscribe for more! Also HAVE PHUN! (Though I am almost certainly sure that Phun is too outdated to run this scene :x )

EEEEdit; Well, whoever rated 1, thanks for feedback I guess :/
Last edited at 2016/06/12 03:18:25 by pnvv
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Not enough power to do wheelslip:(
On 140 wheels starts to wobble.
Great car anyway! :tup:
Kilinich this car only has 55 hp, it can't do a wheelspin in real life either :lol:

I must have not changed the wheels to legacymode = 0
Last edited at 2016/04/13 12:00:07 by pnvv
Oh my god yes!:D
I wonder why my other karmann ghia (the crappy one from last year) has a high rating and this is only a 6? :lol:
Last edited at 2016/04/13 14:43:25 by pnvv
PNVV WOW! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After what? 3 months?
Well, he's not that inactive at all, just busy.
So do I with my WIPs:bonk:
haha, dat backward cig maby my day ;P
nice work
Cool! but can you check out my Car Body 4 you?
I saw that. I might build it up just cause why not ;)

People keep commenting but no rates :(
Actually doesn't run for me...
@faytree, Oh... I thought that he had tons of publishable scenes from what I saw on the Algodoo Building Community...
the cigarrette is in the wrong way..
+ why does it have VW wheels?
Because the Karmann Ghia was just basically a VW Beetle with different bodywork :lol:
Very nice one:D I didn't see anything wrong except difficult controls :lol: I think you can to make clutch and throttle controls on app.mousepos(X and Y axles) in next scene. What do you think about?
Last edited at 2016/04/17 10:47:42 by eanayayo
> Don't be a Clarkson
Why driver isn't James May? xD
I might try mouse controls :D It would be nice because I could do away with 4 buttons :P
> I dont saw

Sorry for that :bonk:
Look what I had done 8|
Last edited at 2016/04/17 10:48:52 by eanayayo
SpaceX much? :tup:
Incredibly beautiful design and performace 10/10.
@pnvv you are invited to A.R.W.C and you have a ViP Card exclusivly for you:coolgrin:
Last edited at 2016/06/12 03:17:30 by pnvv