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Random Blob

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 181.97 kB

Date added: 2016-02-02

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 2213

Views: 379

Comments: 17

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

This is the fastest scene that I have ever created and posted on Algobox! Many of my scenes in the Algobox archive are complex games that require many days, and sometimes even a couple of weeks of hard work to design, construct, test, and debug, but this particular scene took me all of FIVE MINUTES to make! :lol:

I got the idea from MoBuild's scene: Molecular Soup . I simply placed 256 tracers on 256 circles, and gave the circles a high attraction value. When I ran the scene, I noticed that the blob of circles acted something like a large flock of birds. That is, the "blob" randomly moved around in different directions almost like it had some sort of intelligence. With gravity and air current disabled, I think the only thing that determines which direction the blob happens to be moving at any particular point in time is chaos. If anyone has any better idea about what determines its movement, please leave a comment.
Last edited at 2016/02/02 01:55:44 by Xray
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My theory would be that a large group of circles push the blob one way and then it continuously moves thjat direction until it somewhat hits a wall, then it repeats.
(I don't know if this is ture don't judge) xD
You could be right, Phun User, but the blob acts a little differently on my computer from what you described. On mine, it stays close to the center of the area, and it changes direction without getting even close to any of the walls!

I need to think about this some more. :s
Last edited at 2016/02/02 20:02:01 by PinKSTick
and, that Blob was awsome. look like someone is controling her. good job. great job. awsome job. best job.:tup: :tup:
Last edited at 2016/02/02 20:01:34 by PinKSTick
The reason the blob moves should be this:

This "entity" is made of 256 pieces of velocity. These seperate parts collide with the enviroment, thus changing their direction. This change is transmitted across the other parts, and after a few collisions, the total velocity actually turns around, resulting the blob to change direction. And since these particles move at high speed, the amount of collisions can be really high, so the time it takes to turn around is really short. And even if its far from the walls, the very moment even 1 particle changes velocity due to collision, it influences the rest of the blob using it's attraction and collision. So imagine it like a rubbery piece of wool. Even tho the actual wool has a really low "density" as in, actual material in the space it occupies, when it lies on the ground, only a few pieces of string have to touch the ground, while holding the rest. Now if you imagine it to be elastic, that would mean that it's center only has to get "close" to the ground, and the strings would result in it "bouncing" back
It sort of looks like an atom with the black nucleus and the electrons around it!
It is not a random movement it is oscillating continuously. It follows determined rules that look for us like chaos, but it is not chaotic.
Xray... You... I just... WOW, I am impressed that i managed to inspire a moderator to do something like this:P Geez, You spoiled me there!
My theory is that this scene is powered by Algodoo's inaccuracies from running at 30 Hz. This is based on the following observations:

1. If I run the scene "as is" then the scene's total energy increases.
2. If I run the scene at 1200 Hz then the scene's total energy decreases.
3. If I freeze all velocities and run the scene at 1200 Hz then all particles collapse to the center and the scene's total energy decreases.
4. If I freeze all velocities and run the scene at 30 Hz then the particles go all over the place and the scene's total energy increases.
s_noonan - Interesting theory.

I have two questions for you, sir:

1. You said, "... this scene is powered by Algodoo's inaccuracies...". How can inaccuracies generate power? :s

2. I am wondering how you determined the "scene's total energy"? What values did you use to calculate it?

Q: How can inaccuracies generate power?
A: They can't, but if the errors add up to a net increase in power, then I can use my poetic license to say they do. Algodoo errors propel this Gravity climber up the hill.

Q: How do you determine the "scene's total energy"?
A: Ctrl-A selects all objects. Right-click on one of the objects and select "information" on the menu. Undock the "information" widget and watch the "total energy" as the scene progresses.
Last edited at 2016/02/03 22:09:04 by s_noonan

Thanks for explaining. :)
Hah, neat. A good demo of how natural forces can give the impression of intelligence.
I will get nightmares
It reminds me of bacteria...
oh god, germophobia and emetophobia kicking in