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Florida Alligator In A Pool!

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Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 3.84 MB

Date added: 2015-11-16

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 3006

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Comments: 41

Ratings: 2

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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My brother lives on the east coast of Florida about half way between Orlando and Miami, where finding an alligator in your back yard is not too uncommon. But recently he found one swimming in his pool! Needles to say, no one went for a swim that day! :lol:
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My brother lives in Florida as well. They're so common that they actually have alligator crossing signs on the roads! :lol:

Last year I spent a month there for work and I didn't see a single gator though... DISAPPOINTED!
Last edited at 2015/11/16 17:04:01 by RiBi
True, and some end up as road-kill. :o
You know you're screwed when you see a smashed alligator on the side of the road! xD
You know you're screwed when you see a live alligator in the back seat of your car!
Oh my god that's even worse! :E
Hi, Xray!

nice to look at.
Technical detail-question: how did you make the arms and legs weave? You use a motor or a script?
Ever been to Sanibel?
Best. Place. Ever.
I lived in a condo for a week playing shuffleboard and swimming (In a pool? Why did they have a pool?) I lived 2 miles away from Sanibel island and we went to the beach every day. PLUS, saying "Punta Gorda" in a Swedish accent is really fun.
We went to a restaraunt every day, and if you needed to get warmer, you would just go outside. IT WAS THE MIDDLE OF WINTER BREAK!!!!! There was this one place called "Salty Papa's", and there was paper as a tablecloth, and you could draw on it. They had tetherball outside too... and darts... and we lived on a condo- apartment thing with 5 condos on each floor, 12 floors. And I dropped a nickel down the kind-of spiral staircase, to see if I could make it to the ground. Sorry for all the rambling. Am I the only one who has gone to the beach in Florida, or more specific, Sanibel Island?
LastChance - Yes, I've been to Sanibel Island while visiting family in Port St. Lucie. My brother works for the school district (I think he's a Principal in one of the schools there). He took my wife and me to a nice restaurant on Sanibel Island. I don't recall the name but it might have been Salty Papa's. It was a few years ago. I'm planning on going back there to visit him again soon. I just hope there aren't any more gators in his pool again! :lol:
DrBalk - Yes, the legs are made to warble back and forth by using the "Bend" function of the motors. Unlike using the axles like standard motors which rotate continuously, the bend function makes the axle go to a specific angular position (bendTarget) between -pi and +pi radians. If you give bendTarget a varying signal (such as a sin wave) instead of a constant, the axle will follow the signal, and in this case is a sin wave, which makes the legs warble back and forth.
sounds like desmos (graphing calculator at
desmos? :huh: What in the world are you talking about, LastChance? :s
math-related website, basically a graphing calculator. You were talking about sine and pi, two of the best things to graph on there. You get really weird results. However, I prefer cotangeant
never mind
I get easily off-topic.
NP, now I understand you. Thanks. :)

By the way, here is a sine function tutorial that I posted about 3 years ago, if interested: SINE FUNCTION TUTORIAL It explains how to make things move using sin and cos math functions. You may find it interested (or boring?). :lol:
Last edited at 2015/11/22 17:39:54 by Xray
Xray do you know What happend to BCBALL?:/
Yes, he was banned for a few days. And after his ban is over, if he continues posting political scenes about Poland and other countries "cutting each other", he will be permanently banned. I received many complaints about his scenes, and we don't want any more flame wars on Algobox.
flame wars stink
is that the only alligator that he found in his swimming pool
yes, One is enough!
Cool Xray:D
Everytime you post a scene, it is on the popular page XD
for one thing,i hate alligators,such as deinosuchus;mad:
also i hate crocodiles such as sarcosuchus :upset:
:dislike:,just stop dat!
-Xray way before this
I find sine very interesting, because graphing it makes "confetti" and "black holes" (according to my classmate) I think that understanding sine would take out some of the fun, but add some control:D

BTW- A question came up in Geometry a while back. Some people didn't know how to graph a sideways parabola, and when I gave thm the equation x=y^2, they didn't think it was right. Does it break some sort of rule?
LastChance -
Graphing sine gives a sinewave. Same as cosine except 90 degrees out of phase with sine. No confetti or black holes that I am aware of.

Concerning graphing a sideways parabola, sorry but I have no idea. Maybe some math wiz (which I am not one) can answer that for you.
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