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Dyno v3

screenshot of the scene

Author: pnvv

Group: Default

Filesize: 137.04 kB

Date added: 2015-10-18

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 1466

Views: 331

Comments: 8

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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I modified the dyno v2 a lot, and now it doesn't use any which means it can be ported between scenes without declaring variables which is annoying. So, it is phunlet safe! :tup:

I mostly used axles to transfer data between geoms, and axles are the devil to work with in terms of scripting. Synopsis - this was a hard build :|

You should be able to pop your own engines onto it, just delete the tachy and the engine I've already got there, declare the target RPM and watch the magic happen :yum:

Please rate, comment, and if you find a bug, report it, because I can' fix it if you don't tell me about it! :)
Last edited at 2015/10/18 03:54:48 by pnvv
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Overall, nice job! :tup: BUT, it seems to have a couple of odd behaviors. For one, the engine speeds up and slows down on its own even when not pressing the up arrow key. Next, you really should correct the HP readout so that it doesn't show negative values. I understand WHY it happens, but when you've spent a lot of time and effort on making such an awesome scene, you should go the distance to clean up any known bugs or inconsistencies (just my humble opinion). And thirdly, turn off those stupid clouds! Why people leave those Algodoo clouds turned on when the scene makes no sense to have clouds floating by, I just don't understand.

Except for those picky items, you did a great job as usual. :tup:
Last edited at 2015/10/18 04:41:04 by Xray
I'm going to test my engine on this dyno. I hope that it doesn't hate my engine because when I installed my spawn engine on your v2 dyno, it stalled my engine at the first 10 rpms cold blooded :bonk:
MORE INFO: I removed that engine in the scene and installed an engine that I borrowed from another user's scene (I suck at making engines) and I want to report that your dyno works flawlessly! It is very stable, and it provides a smooth and linear load on the engine. Awesome job! :tup:
The engine speeds up and slows down because that's not the engine speeding up by itself, but because it's connected by a braked axle to the load axle which speeds up and slows down because of a math.sin script I added to vary the speed :)

See, this dyno does not use a braked axle to measure power, rather it controls the speed and uses ToTimp3 (Kilinich taught me that. Mad props to him :cool: ) to measure the amount of force applied to that axle by the engine being tested. So, the engine RPM can be easily varied to measure power at different RPMs and this can be used to make power curves :)

Also, just out of curiosity, who's engine did you test? I found this dyno tends to lose accuracy above about 2000 HP :D
Last edited at 2015/10/18 17:44:49 by pnvv
I prefer spring engines and becouse of their speed, if you could somehow test some of my engines I would be very happy if you could do that
the problem is that my engines can reach over 2000rpm and this dyno is not that fast

although I measure my engines with braking them on full throttle and find max torque and then just do this: (2*pi*Nm*RPM)/60 so i can just find the max torque I like your dyno but I cant find out how it works:D
just great
how do you connect axles?
the dyno refuses to stop, even when i put several axles on it to lock it.