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Contest entry to pnvv's rally ARC

screenshot of the scene

Author: faytree

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.69 MB

Date added: 2015-10-15

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 2157

Views: 465

Comments: 4

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Once the light turns green,press enter and the car does the rest:cool:
Keep in note that this car is most likely to roll over and slide upside-down dramatically at the end of the race...

1. Replaced front suspension
2. Added more weight (This is me while in the process of gaining more weight for the sake of the rule)
3. Added some lazy liveries.
4. Added Magnus Walker! (Yes,he loves Porsches)

1. Changed the color of the car to make that Magnus Walker feel
2. Removed the front bumper for better landing
3. Added some stickers for lulz

1. Reduced the tires' friction to reduce the risk of crashing

1. Added body stabilizer. Confirmed by pnvv:yum:
2. Increased the car's height. So, the car has more space for shock absorption
Last edited at 2015/11/08 05:07:11 by faytree
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This scene is a response to:
Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Rally Contest Revised pnvv 6 (5 votes) 622 27 2015/10/11 01:49:34
show grid
ur in.
Last edited at 2015/10/15 21:29:27 by pnvv
Yay! I'm in!:D
*Me right now*
Last edited at 2015/11/08 05:07:29 by faytree
stabilizer with +inf inertia) yea. realistic)
I guess it is a porsche 913....