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DugDel's drone scene enhanced

screenshot of the scene

Author: FRA32

Group: Technical

Filesize: 37.15 kB

Date added: 2015-08-12

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 1126

Views: 243

Comments: 15

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

I am preparing my own version of an AI driven battlegame, and had the idea of asking dugdel if I could use some of his drone mechanics. While waiting for a reply, I tried testing a healer and various other modifications on his original drones. The results are described in the scene. Because of increased lag rate, the spawnrate of the drones has been halved to 1 drone per volley

Credit to DugDel for the original drone's and the base's. This scene bases completely on his work.
Last edited at 2016/07/03 21:54:01 by FRA32
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Very well done! :tup: _o_ :tup:
Thanks ^^ Working with such an advanced script is pretty complicated, and if it happens that multiple AI codes override each other you can get really really mad. I reuploaded the scene because drones would'nt defend themselfes when getting healed xD
How do i make my own teams? I want to make my own maps. Although i do know it uses, So maby the console command needed to apply it all?
Finally! A mod, that changes mechanics. Good work!:tup:

And yes, you can use drones to make your scenes.
Copying these items requires you to do the following:
1. Change the color of the copys, so you ahve a team color
2. Chagne the nubmer of the team variable inside teh base and the healer to anything except 1 or 2, as these are red and blue.
3. Inside the Update method of the base, change the statement e.this._teamhealer to the correct color, i.e if the team is yellow
4. go to the healer, and look in the onDie and update method. There change the name from to the color of your team.
5. Select the range field around the healer(it often jumps back to the original healer when you change the variable) and change its reference of the healer to the correct color

I recommend redownloading the scene and using a fresh copy of the bases and healers, since I did some tweaks on them, to make them more or less multi-team-compatible.
Also, some more steps i forgot to list:
Inside the bases update method, there is the statement = e.this.geomid;
update that statement with the coresponding color.
Inside the postStep update of ALL team bases, there is a Enemys array, containing all enemy variables. Update that method of all your teams so it contains all enemy bases, but dont write a base inside that isnt enemy. Under that statement ther is the line _enemybase = _enemys(randomblablabla) inside the bracket, the random number gets multiplied by some number, change that number to the ammount of enemy bases that exist.
If I recall correctly, this should be all that needs to be done to make the bases work in another team. Like in my snowflake map, there still exists a bug that causes drones to go defense mode if the assigned enemy base is dead, instead of attacking another one. Still need to develop a fix, but it shouldnt be that dangerous to leave it in for now
Ok, Allthough im curious, Why cant you make a square that, Upan clicking, would spawn another base at the location of the camra? And for that bases coloring it would be the color of the box, and the box would automatically update for another base? Seeing as you have this kind of knolage, i wouldnt dought you could
Its not that easily possible, as the healers and the bases communicate with each other using, which get broadcasted by each. As each team needs an own set of so that healers can communicate with the bases and the bases communicate with each other, its not possible to quickly add a new team with buildings using a command. I will recode the script a bit, and post an alternate version in an alternate scene, but it may take a while, as the only way of transfering data without scene my variables is springs in my knowledge
Oh. I was thinking the command could create the variable required.
How to clone things? Awesome game btw!
If you mean copy them into your own scenes, drag all white,blue and red objects into your phunlets folder(the one with the red car). Later on you can simply drag these out of the folder into any scene. Also remember that the drones were originally created by DugRel:)
FRA32, you commented me to credit DugRel. but you did. so I will too. when that happened I thought that every user made drones. I did not know how to make drones so I draged and droped DugRel's drones. xray deleted my scene when I tried to talk to you. (I won't ever do that again) I wanted to give more drones to the world. less about me. cool shape for the drones, FRA32. you can do anyting in algodoo!
Well, the drones themself have been invented by dugrel, not me. What I did was hooking into their artificial intelligence and modifying it so that they act more advanced, as well as adding the objects to the game that were neccessary to make these codes work(the healers)
I found a problem. The drones are not spawning at all. It works fine in the script menu, but however, I don't see any drones.

There is some mysterious bug that seems to be in relation to the algodoo configurations. It causes a part of the script which is the very first task when spawning the drones to not execute. We don't know the exact solution, but it is known that the bug seems to dissappear every now and then, which seems to depend how other scenes may have influenced your algodoo config's