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found an error. I'll try to fix it.
OMG...54.2! Record!:(
Memory: 1.00 GB
Video card: Nvidia GeForce MX440 with AGP8X
OP: Windows XP SP3
Motherboard: Asus A7V8X...
Processor: AMD Athlon (TM) XP 2000+ 1.67 GHz
Yes, sometimes happens...
Try decreasing the springs' constant like 0,050
or 0,0050
I've made one too, like 200 times faster
Guess what came after that...
Last edited at 2017/03/01 00:10:04 by The Linkage
If you are using algodoo just increase the weight of the parts, that makes the colission better.
Stolen. And if you see the web address in the last 5 numbers you'll see that they are the same numbers than in the other post, just that they are spare! Strange, isn't it?

Someone stole this idea.
It doesn't work for me.
The same. ^
Oh no, has converted into a common spring engine. Let me fix it...
Done. Added "FIXES:".
This is a copy from the first projects of Kilinich, or I'm wrong?
Comment please!
NOOB 0/+inf
AWESOME +inf/10
@Kaellron: It says "thymeless". It means it has LESS thyme and i've tested it with
@bluebravo: Strange... it works for me, I don't know. Are you using phun?
Well calm down...
No, I've tested it with Algodoo 1.8.5, 1.9.9b and
We've done it! That a**ho** went to ***t!
It's like my scene. Just put the lenghtscript and it will be faster.:)
I've played with phun, and the two pistons exploded when i closed the clutch.
I've made a 12 cylinders c-engine that could go uppon a 180 degrees hill with only a thruster to attract to the ground, so 60 degrees is not much.
I've made one of this gearboxes a while ago, forgot to upload :bonk:
Karl is missing something.
You can liquify an object on a collision by making a geometry and typing onCollide = (e)=>{e.other.liquify}, or changing the "other" by "this" in case you want to liquify the hit geometry.
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