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Breakable Toyota Prius

screenshot of the scene

Author: Roman

Group: Polish

Filesize: 430.38 kB

Date added: 2010-07-12

Rating: 6.9

Downloads: 43863

Views: 5496

Comments: 54

Ratings: 21

Times favored: 4

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

This is newest 2010 Prius, crashable by me. I don't believe in "Global Warming" and I think that it makes no sense. Hibrid cars have no sense too.
I make very short route. And watch out for inequality on the road, my suspension is very weak and shitty.

Arrows to drive.

I add "new" old ragdoll.

Sorry Key9651, but i really don't like this car.
Last edited at 2010/07/16 23:47:29 by Roman
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Oh. And Roman goes and spoiled our cars party with his awesomeness :(
My Gas Pedal was stuck so i crashed into that caterpillar =(

Very nice Roman =D
I don't like this car either. Was fun to crash it!
Ten kierowca jest tak śpiący, że nie chce mu się trzymać rąk na kierownicy...:o _._
Look at USA... the degrees there are enormus...
Germany: 5 years ago it was about 10 cooler...


still car 7.5 xD /10
Last edited at 2010/07/12 22:40:27 by Funnypig
global warming makes so much sense...
Hi, Roman!
BTW...I don't like "PRIUS", too. :o But very really "ECO". :)

Incidentally, in Japan, write a "Emoticon" in this way.
":)" = ^_^
":D" = ^O^
":'-(" = ;_; or T_T

On the Internet in Japanese "OTAKU" also popular.
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

I don't like "OTAKU". I'm student in Japan.
Last edited at 2010/07/13 05:33:46 by Key9651
Roman, I dont believe in Global Warming either. Great car! 10/10
This changes are natural. Earth still changes. "Globar warming" are invention of green idiot people, they earn a lot of money on this stupid phantasy.
Yes! Global warming is real like martians on Mars... Next kid who belive in everything what say in TV, everyone know TV lies.
So, you tell a lot of things about being a child. But you try to look so mature that you say idiot things <_<
For global warming is bull***t. I have a belief, and I will be holding their. Saying idiot things, look for "The shadow's" reply. He abusing capslock, and offend me.
Global warming is not due to carbon dioxide (and especially not carbon). It's Earth's cycles.
How did Earth exit the Ice Age?

My favorite part is the crashing of this worthess piece of junk. It's the ugliest car ever.
The only reason it's efficient is because of its tiny engine. The "hybrid" part does nothing. Note that it doesn't work over a certain speed (not on freeways for sure) yet the highway MPG is still very high.

Hybrids are the past! And they suck!
The shadow is an idiot.
Very controversial. I would have posted this in an alternate account if I were you Roman.

But I agree with you. Global warming is a cycle of the earth and cars do not affect it. (significantly)
Thanks for support Glitchhater, one wise person. Yeah right hibrids suck, but this one is only for fun. :)
Last edited at 2010/07/13 22:57:26 by Roman
I love the 1.8L EKO-Shit engine!:lol:
yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate this car and all hibrids... cars that is:D
I am 100% sure that its spelled "hybrid". Not hibrid. :)

Nobody here cant say that we as wasteful Americans are not making the earths natural warming trend worse.:/
Last edited at 2010/07/15 03:39:11 by igottabomb
Well, whatever your opinion is... But if you ever go to a big city like Atlanta Georgia, there sure is a lot of haze in the air.( 4 to 5 bucks per gallon isn't really cool either.)
it's a 2010 prius:P
phunatic: im in atl right now. They have warnings on the news everyday about smog. Today if you have asthma, other breathing problems, you shouldn't go outside. "Orange alert".
Haha, green-people lovers, rate mine Prius "1". It's funny, i know downrater is a kid who write something up there.
Maybe you should have disabled ratings, Roman ;)
Maybe stupid kids shouldn't rate '1' instead.
Maybe you're right, i hate small 12 years old trolls, who waiting for downrate everything scene.

For me global warming is nonsense... I don't care what think kids up there.
Global warming is not nonsense!
The only ting that can be argued is what the reason for global warming is.

But yeah, cars are probably not the biggest reason for global warming.
Last edited at 2010/07/19 17:51:27 by roffa
Global warming is a natural process. It's going to happen anyways so there's no point in arguing over. The prius is the second worst car in the world (smart car being the first) but you still made it very well! 9/10 (-1 for being a prius)
Last edited at 2010/09/12 05:14:59 by DC-Roussey

When you rate a scene, you rate the scene, not the person who made it.
Last edited at 2010/07/21 17:51:31 by roffa
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