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hey kould you try to make a gun with a real mechanism !!
i mean mechanism lik a ral gun®
real gun*
acually the thing i allways try to do is to make a real gun mechanisme with no invisible parts
it looks cool but i could't get it to work yet
try to make the mechanism more robust and comprehensible;)
nice and it really works like ther real gun !!
not like the ones yuras makes
its working now but i had to fix some stuff nice gun :tup:
Thx man:D
atfer this version i will try to take away the lever action and put a semi automtic insted;)
thx but i don't know how to fix it either i tryed lots of suff also for the ejection but it didn't work
it would take a lot of changes to do that so than i better make an other gun:)
thats awesome :tup: :tup:
but u have to work on fuel efficienty, like always just 1 or 2 balls in the chamber that make more gray balls and for the gearbox i can help u if u want:)
nice work ;) although its not a real bolt action but i like how automaticly ejecs the shells :tup:
love steampunk , love tanks, love guns!
What is there better than a steampunk tank with guns!"10 /10:tup: :tup:
awesome job_o_
nice job !!:tup:
with some little changes i think i can make a grenade launcher with it !
good thing it works with phun too:)
Last edited at 2013/02/05 10:51:24 by Dj_Lores
nice looks really awesome;) :tup: 10/10
i'm trying to do something similary with springs that male like 3D images;)
Last edited at 2013/02/05 23:32:50 by Dj_Lores
it looks nice but sry thats a marder I, Marder III had the gun more in the middle, but who cares anyway nice job
Last edited at 2017/01/26 19:51:52 by Dj_Lores
Clean job, love the recoiling of the barrel!:tup:

Quick fix against malfunctions!!!

Take of the elasticity of the bullet and the barrel walls! will work 95% of time after that!:yum:
why do you use such odd and high densities on your materials?
and one more question: does the simulation frequency improve on clipping and glitching ( cause it would explain why your stuff works so great at 300hz):tup: ;)
hey thanks for the info, it's much appreciated! don't bother too much with my scenes , they're old creations i did on Phun and really not the best, i find, although the bolt action rifle is quite ok. I try to upload some new stuff i recently made soon;)