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i know its crapy but it was an experoment
sorry actualy im not uploading anymore
Ya i know it was working fine on my computer earlier
every one i show it to says it looks like a spider...:)
Very nice, i have all of your stuffs:lol:
Actually there is no such thing as a rail gun, and the correct term is "coil gun" or "electro magnetic" gun. there is no shot "Color" because a rail gun is a peice of metal flung out of a barrel using magnetism. its called a "rail gun" because the slab of metal that is shot is lying on rails. there are actual coil guns and they have nearly NO blowback. infact there are handheld coil guns. another name for a version of a rail gun is a gauss rifle. this is the gun that uses coils and not rails. its all the same principle though. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL that a rail gun could bring anything faster than even a bullet, they are used primarily in the military for sending missles. this technology is still in testing though. I think that i will rate this 10/10 for the ignorant comments on this scene.;)
This is one of the best crash cars ive seen, only seconded by the testapreta. and the track is by far the best. 11/10:lol:
YESSSS... You totaly beat the crap out of my dude! MUCH better mechanics than mine, but i have better...
Oh ya, i forgot to mention that he will some times get stuck but he will most of the time get unstuck.
YAAAY i GOT A RESPONSE, to bad i can't use algodoo
VERY COOL:lol: :lol:
OK but its more like jello than a car, it uses the entire body as suspensions, also it needs to be easyer to break 7/10
Simply genius!
NO its his first one, you don't diss him! 10/10
NO they don't do anything Blazemann they just float around
I know...:(
nope :lol:
what the hell is an anti virus!!!:lol: :lol: (AKA, i will try)
its no big task to use a magnet and a killer to act as a black hole, it also is not as strong as it should be. try puting it on inf+ kg and inf+ magnetism, thats more realistic.
E, awesome is spelled with an E, people have to learn grammarararaarar! Very cool
TY every body. Geniusperson1, the confederates captured an old union shipyard with the broken hull of the Merrimac, after doing serious work and labor the Merrimac could float, but they did not want to call it the Merrimac for it was not the union's ship anymore. They then named it the Virginia, because it was a totaly new ship. Hope this history lesson helped!
Большое спасибо
Ya. It is big...:/ :|
Nice! But it confused me for a bit when the sparrow fell sideways!:lol:
Some times it works some times it doesn't, i know something happened when i saved. the older version i made worked like a chram, but this one does funny things.:( :( :( :( :grr:
Yes i did use more than 4 hinges, but i was meaning one the tank not the treads. your still right though.:/
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