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Nice, you dont put that togaither in five minutes. I wonder how you came up with that unordinary mechanism. Good luck!
made me smile.
I would'nt call that suspention. none of the wiels are actually atatched to the body, and one of them even fell out. Use springs!
It was cool, and I liked it, but the bullets cept falling out when I changed the magazine.
Its nothing special, but it gave me some good ideas.
Cool now I almost know how to spawn things. The hole thing was good too by the way.
wow. imagine if that was a helicopter in real life. that poor pilot.
yes... I did...
cool, but it ceeps slipping.
It looks lige a drunk gorila trying to get towards you... but it walks. :lol:
I tried to make a wankel thing once. The rotor and the casing did not fitt together and I gave up. How did you make it?_o_
I don't get it, but it's cool anyway. Next up: bounce engine power:P
I like the simplisety of the walkng mechanism, but I didn't like the controls.
the aim was all over the plase, and the walking was so slow, and what was the point of putting the targets so far away. I also felt that the shots flew WAY to fast.(I actually spent about five minutes playing with it though.)
Try to make a walking mechanism where the two leg pairs are conected to one another the next time. :|
It was very cool and relyeble, but it took me a while to figure out the controls, and it's stil using training wheels.:yum:
Wow!:blink: you didn't make that in ten minutes for sure_o_
I like it, but: what BlueEagle said. ;)
not to bad. I like the idea of the spring loaded rounds. I'll probably use a simular design myself on my next gun. It's still verry unstable though. Good luck imroving the design.:tup:
I like it. that is an improvement.
I liked it. :tup:
good luck.:)
its cool, but it wouldn't work:(
cool. it was even funnyer in duble speed.:lol:
It was cool, but just to many bullets and to ong tracers. neice gears though.
i like it
i know, but i was a bit lazy when i made it. the little thing that could drag the shell was also a thing that could make the previous guns jam. It dousn't look like that way of jaming would happen on this though. I'll probably try to add one.
Last edited at 2009/04/18 17:28:25 by fnorgen
nice. You didn't make that in five minutes:tup:
oh yea. it sucked out all the oil.:tup:
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