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How to pick lock it
See this link to find a list of all the traps in the movies
You can see all the traps from the movies there
good attempt
You should make the Floor and the Springs transparent.
It will look better
Try to make the spread out a bit more. It doesn't look like a flare gas if it goes straight up. But otherwise Great work
Great Work.
I suggest you add Refueling stations on the way and increase the amount of initial fuel.
But none the less great.
Keep making such scenes
Great work.
Make more fo these kind.
Interesting Scene.
Could you tell me what code did you use to turn the Spheres Translucent?
I saw the code.
What I didn't understand was what part of e.other.color was used to define the opacity opacity of the circles.
Nice.I like A the best
Though it would be easier to understand what it it if you write a decription. 7/10.
Its not a glitch. If those lines are showing the force of attraction, then its an actual event known as Redshift where color can change if sufficient gravitational force is applied.
Try doing this with a much lower attraction and reduced ligt speed and you will see what I mean:cry:
I haven't seen any thing of this standard for a long time_o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
Did you try turning off air friction.
But none the less, it was ingenious.
Last edited at 2011/03/30 16:42:07 by Nisheeth
Perfect. Never seen anything like this._o_
great work.
I willl be waition for the next level
Nice track.
It will look much better if you bring the Plane forward hiding the uneven surface.:)
And please put up the keys that control the motors in the scene.
It will make the scene much easier to understand
Last edited at 2011/03/31 07:06:54 by Nisheeth
You should add a on off button for the Light Saber.
Google Translated: Вы должны добавить на кнопку выключения для световой меч
Nice idea. But the Tower doesn't fall
:D 3.3 MB ?
How did you make the smoke?
Great scene. So is Nitrofuel better Nitro or better fuel? And Highly combustible metal gives more max speed? 10/10:tup: :tup: _o_
Great work. Keep posting more such scenes
One more thing, do we have to add only one of the resultant circles or all of them?
Great work. 10/10:tup: :tup:
Why don't you try o make it breakable. It is a good skeleton noe the less.:tup:
Kilinich, If I may answer this:
You will have 5 chemicals (fuel, Metal, Nitro, Nitrofuel and Highly combustible metal)
You have to decide the composition of the fuel you want for the car.
For instance you can mix 4 fuel circles, and two Nitro circles.
Now move them (the constituents) into the the Large circle on the left of the Conical flask.
And press 1. It will begin to mix the "ingredients". You are supposed to let them mix until they are exactly the same colour [hence exactly alike.] NOTE: To make sure that they are properly mixed, select any one of them Select Alike, if all are selected, it is prepared.
Now the scene has many tracks and onr test track(the one at the beginning. There are more track as we go higher.)
To make the car run, you will have to drop one of the mixed fuel you have made into the blue par above the car.
After it is dropped into the car, the car will begin to move depending upon the fuel used. Now you just have to wait and see if the fuel came out alright and was able to complete a track or not.

Good Luck with the mixing:)
Nice work. I like it. But yeah, it lagged a lot
It didn't work properly for me. Some problem with the scene. After picking up the first per, it throws off the second one and thus creates an imbalance.
And if you are intent of following the rules of the original puzzle , This solution is breaking one of them. It places a larger peg upon a smaller one.

As for saying my scenes are a joke, they are not solutions to the original puzzle but solution to the contest made by TC42, and that scene is made for Those rules.

You can see the thread here and see why the scenes move all the pegs at once.
though I was working on a similar version (only for the first challenge, the traditional design), it broke most of the contests rules, and I didn't feel like putting so much of an effout in it.

But otherwise a good concept.

I haev not rated it yet. Try to improve the flaw because of which they get thrown away. Maybe after then I will rate 10/10.:tup:
Strong defense.
Was almost able to sustain a weight of 9e+15 KGs.
Though it can easily be penetrated by any object (slow or fast) that has some attraction. (worked better from 1)
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