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hey to get more good explanations (easy to understand also for me anyway) visit it is a really good website for finding information :tup:
there is stuff like engineering guns army health and so on explained in easy to understand language :tup: it is also explaining stuff like why you can see trough glass and not wood or stone
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didn´t work for me :x
fail (on my computer)
do you want to learn some more then add me on skype as casper41816161 or on msn as there is some scripts here also

(e)=>{ scene.addcircle ({ pos=e.pos; density:=4; radius:=2; color:=[0.4, 0.0, 0.0, 0.5] }) } if you also want tracers then make a ``;´´ after the }) then write scene.addpen({ pos=e.pos; color:=[0.5, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0,]; size:=10; fadetime:=0.010})

and some script for changing density, attraction, etc, (e)=>{e.this.density = 30; e.this.color:=[0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0,] } that will change the density to 30 and the color to black, the place with the density variable can density be changed to other stuff like attraction, friction, mass, etc, you can also write it this way to make a color that collide things have same color or density or reversed that would be (e)=>{e.this.color=e.other,color} if you write this script in a blue box circle polygon and it collides a red then it will change color to red depending on other/this color :tup:

then it will be

(e)=>{ scene.addcircle ({ pos=e.pos; density:=4; radius:=2; color:=[0.4, 0.0, 0.0, 0.5] }); scene.addpen({ pos=e.pos; color:=[0.5, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0,]; size:=10; fadetime:=0.010}) } it will spawn a ball with a centered tracer with 0.010 fadetime:tup: :tup: will give a better explanation on skype or msn:angel:
hello can you please explain to me how to use hinge script? and what is the a and b?
my msn is and my skype is casper418161:tup:
and about the chain you shall change to hinges to have motor but no rpm then they wont do as they do in your scene:tup:
script worked but crappy scene :tdown:
moving objects is something like velocity 100* or so :tup:
and i also use others scripts to learn it myself but rideg/raydeg is also teaching me he made the script that got me understand how to do it all the tutorials just said enter a variable ?? okay density = 10/(e)=>{e.this.density=10} much simpler explanation of scripting is just write what you want done like in (e)=>{} hmm... e.this.density=10
will be (dont know the meaning of ``e´´) this one should be changed and the change should be density and it shall be changed to 10 so (e)=>{e.this.density=10} kind of easy is some ways and spawning is just ``i want a circle it shall be red and have a radius of 5 then it is just (e)>{scene.addcircel ({pos=e.pos; radius:=5; color:=[1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0,] }) }

pos=e.pos means you want the circle to spawn in middle of scripted object but it is kind of easy can give a better explanation on (msn acount)
epic but confusing :tup: can u make it spawn on first collide a man on bike on secedn collide a man in car on third collide a man killing himself :tup:
doesnt work for me shall i remove the created with phun thing in top of the text?
i have same problem as ninjakitty )|(
hey nice but weird script with the and and/& marks ?? by the way your first scene is awesome :tup: really i had about 3minutes of fun with it laughing of how stupid it was but i will rate it 10/10 because of awesomeness :tup:
hey I will make a top ten of your scenes but wont post it before you let me post it as response to you newest scene?
you have a bug x2
you shall change script to spawn circles with a radius of 1
other one the killer open close hinge is to weak and should be made of 2boxes instead of one to avoid to much changes wen opening it :tup: but cool and simple
nice idea Krizzlybaer making some container on the back of a car so the car can transform into a air balloon will make that my scripting skills should be enough to make it even higher and it will have a other spawner spawning high density balls (can do that):tup: i will be a lotus i will make it have lots of cool things like motor room with a gun in coming up on command (not the best place for that in real life ``damn I cant see where is that target´´ )
maybe it will also have some rockets (speed rockets with spawner and anti attraction maybe i will make it store balls before launch for more power:devil: ) and much more:tup:
Last edited at 2010/11/08 06:31:10 by falandysz
google translate is not good at translating it translates directly (like my mom have a red bike/(danish)min mor har en rød cykel ):tup:
do you know what i cant speak Russian so I will hope you can English

okay scene but could be better and less lagging would just be a simple spawner spawning balls and then blowing them away with attraction like making it build up power and then it will suddenly explode much simpler scripts would be

(e)=>{ scene.addcircle ({pos=e.pos; density:=2; radius:=1; color:=[the numbers giving the color you want shall be here] }); scene.addpen({pos=e.pos; size:=1; fadetime:=1; color:=[some color you chose with numbers] }); e.this.attraction=e.this.attraction -2* } that should give a ball spawning balls with tracers and the spawner will if collided get -2* its attraction until it blows everything away:devil: :tup:
that is not a bomb? would more call it a wall and a silly breakable air-plane:tup:
hey lol found out about the kind of density scripts you are using about 23minutes ago and then i found this one :tup: only problem is if it is mounted on something and it for some reason hits the mounted gun carrier :bonk: then a arm or so will break because of over waight
how could you do that it is to evil, stop it, newer do it agen, don't torture people with twilight.
Everything else than that I beg you. I would rather get my ... cut off than reading/watching twilight, (hate those movies/books/shit/crap/more shit and crap nothing happens, and what the fuck is up for human drinking blood, serious vampire movies shall be death to him and him and him and her and that guy over in the corner, not some romancing Romeo diamond skin man that thinks he is danger's so 10/10 from the twilight hater in Dk:tup: ) and meekl!!! i hate you for liking twilight i will send my furies pet Chupacabras after you GRRRRR!!! look behind you!
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hey have you considered suing it in a real like car engine (some of the ``fuel´´ ends in a explosion champer were it will explode pushing a stempel up to a point were the is a box killing the fuel but not the stempel the stempel will be connected to a wheel so wen the stempel goes up and down it will rotate the wheel should be a simple engine:tup: )
just use this script (e)=>{ scene.addcircle ({ pos=e.pos; density:=3; radius:=1; color:=[0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0] }) } but i will recommend that you learn some more just mechanism creating before starting up on scripting but i can teach you both if you want my msn name is and my skype is casper418161 :tup:
bad gun serious :tdown: could be more like shooting it does n´t work and what is the point of the net bullets its not a net it is a circle connected to other circles with springs
do you know how many of that type of walkers that users have uploaded? all the same
epic!!!!! a 20metres missile only flying 30metres?? you do know that real life missiles have a base range of about 50+km to 250km
I must say that that is a bad aiming the missile haves )|( the ball can stand still for 30seconds without getting hit (i was inside hundred metres zone:tup: )
and i can help you get better at scripting my msn email account name thing is :tup: i am not pro script-er but good enough to teach other:angel:
oh that is how pink polygon thing:tdown:
:( TEXTURES did not load :huh:
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