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This one may work, but the old lucid device doesnt work.
Last edited at 2009/03/22 00:16:13 by Sonic
It's not bad. My first scenes were worse then that.:lol: Still, go look on google for a diagram of a casette and then make a better one.
How is that in the least bit related to my pulse gun?
They absorb energy, then use it to grow bigger. In the series, they were created to battle a parasitical organism on the planet SR-388.
Yay!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!_o_ Gravity Gun, here I come!
Why would we want to sneak into Russia? :huh:
Umm...You had a lot of time on your hands yes? You need a hobby...:huh:
Dangdangdangdang)|( Why does this always happen to me? I'm about to make something, and then someone else makes it...Crap)|( )|( )|(
Yes!!! I'm not alone as a Beatles fan!!!:coolgrin:
Some people might say you are making fun of 9/11...
Area 51 has no aliens. The story was created to divert attention from what is really going on there.
Last edited at 2009/04/12 01:07:11 by Sonic
Almight Paradigm, we are still not worth to be in your presence_o_
Dang, your right. I just noticed that...
A hammer, a few nails, some boards, and duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape.
Last edited at 2009/06/10 23:30:25 by Sonic
umm...nothing. Next version will actually open a door or something.:lol:
Almighty Paradigm, we are not worthy!_o_ _o_ _o_
Last edited at 2009/09/03 16:47:11 by Sonic
*Sniff* That was beautiful...
Why are people all sad about Michael Jackson, but NOBODY cares about Billy Mays? :mad:
Smoking sucks!
Actually did you know that some people have a special gene that allows them to taste a chemical in cigaretts and that keeps them from smoking? I have it.
Yay someone else who like riven Whoo!
It sucks. It really really sucks. I can only get it to fire once.
No I tried it in algodoo too and it still didn't work. Maybe it's my computer?
All mighty Paradigm, we are not worthy to be in the presence of the God of Phun. We bow to you! _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
All hail Paradigm! We bow to you, god of Phun!_o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
I didn't get it at all. What's supposed to be happening here?
Yet another great scene from Paradigm 29, the God of Phun!_o_ _o_
Last edited at 2009/10/26 16:19:21 by Sonic
It lags like crap!
I think it sucks. It breaks really easily. If you so much as BUMP it, it'll go crazy.
It works because the sides of the prisim reflect the light at right angles.
Pointless...yet epic. Just like Chuck Norris jokes.
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