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dosent work in 1.8
Dont work in 1.8
got no ideas what to make, put in comment what i should try to make
turn down hinge power
are all these breakable?
what is this for ?
its called the cheytac M200 'intervention' and its from call of duty modern warfare 2
plz rate and comment
algodoo is OK for me
blew up sometime on me but still amazing 10/10
comment on how to fix it
plz comment on how to fix:(
plz comment
removed for repeat lol
Last edited at 2010/10/27 21:47:19 by amethyst
i cant find anything about spawning fix-joints:tdown:
very slow
cool i turned into a powerful lifting crane now 10/10:tup: :tup: oh and jhekerman ur a noob!!!:tdown: :tdown:
works perfect nice one 10/10
:tup: :tup:
i dont get it what does it do? :huh: :huh:
where do u get theses versions from???? :unsure: :unsure: :s :s :s :s
wow nice and its really powerfull
:tup: :tup: 10/10
wtf it explodes in 1.8 :mad: :mad: :mad:
lol it collapsed and the pig landed on the metal block
lol it crashed
sould try and make actually burn stuff 10/10:tup: :tup:
can u make it so it dosent kill them when the grenade is outside of the box and no texture
Last edited at 2010/11/20 21:37:45 by amethyst
bit laggy 6/10
actually somw hard drives now spin at 7500 rmp oh btw cool:tup: :tup: 8/10
so smooth 10/10:tup: :tup:
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