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sorry dude i am in china and youtube is block:(
this is just so cool!!!
except it might be too hard.
actually it still will because there is invisible track. and also it lags on algodoo but doesn't lag on phun.
see one of the q steer car by bbd automotive and "dissect" it and u will find out.
bestest scene ever10/10
it isn't the same speed as the real car
the springs is too long
i love the idea....
but the level is too short
wait... how can u make a speedometer thing like this one to follow a car?
lags like hell
it's ridiculously amazing too.
you're right. it's very, very crappy.
and it's a bad idea, too. because it is almost impossible to make strong
if you put anything breakable in there, it just get wreck
coooool!:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:
10/10 ::y
what i did: (Pickup Breakable JUMP! by ivanoski) + (Vertical MAchine LEvel with Pickup)
= WOW!!!:tup:
real nice car:tup: . track is a bit short though 9/10
(yeah! first 2 comment
but sorry messiah i uploaded it before you...
i dont have a brother:(
but i by myself really like sc:tup:
how did you make the bomb more powerful than before?:s
if u use a laptop then press fn then press number
my computer even newer it is 2010:lol:
this is probably the phunnest game on phunbox. 10/10
pretty good scene. best snow mobile on algobox.:tup:
a few improvements: fast, hard to control.
2.gargo is too fragile
3.make the suspension white not yellow needs a roof
oops i mean cargo not gargle:bonk:

ps. 8/10
wheres the car?
i thought vista is slower than 7:s :huh:
wow this is really nice, suspension and crash quality is perfect and it crashes like a real car, but there are cracks in the car, so minus one point, 9/10.
it would be a good idea to put another crashable layer underneath the car, so there would be no cracks. but still, really good:tup: :tup: