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rate and comment everybody
release the 1st thing in the video oh and for the gun 8/10
um how do you import textures
and where is the textures folder
sorry but um where's the phun folder

and i know i stink
ok i found the textures folder but how am i supposed to get the image in the folder
when i try to change tabs it won't let me
hmmmm how about a berretta m9

naw really how about a lake with fish that swim and some other things
or you could put suspension on my truck
ok um one more problem uh how do i get to the phun folder place without clicking on the upload thing
go to the forums and click announcements then click phun beta 5
thanks alot wild bill
spaz you missed one word it's
notice please help i'm stuck IN crap
oh and pull out the cogg
to make the treads oops typed the my name in the title
wow i still cant figure out how you did that 8/10
try again it happens with the real ones too

yep that's what there doing alright
um i don't know if i won i started falling into nothing
is that the finish
yea make more
cool 8/10 give it a skin and i'll rate it a 10
awsome 10/10 but it should have a trigger guard and a better hammer
how did you get it to stabilize 10/10
awsome 10/10 but would be better with more ammo
awsome 10/10 make more
freakin awesome man 10/10
hey pannmuffin some regular guns only have one bullet too
ever heard of a single shot rifle

but this is a machine gun skin so yeah it should have more bullets

oh and the gun terrible firing mech is awful unreliable and too simple

cool 6/10 i like madness combat too
Last edited at 2009/05/15 15:26:34 by jakedmoon
cool 7/10

but next time could you make an m16 instead of a m4
awesome! cant wait for the next one 9/10

only problem is i cant turn off the stove
cool but maybe you could add a banana clip
1 it's stolen and 2 m16's were not fitted with grenade launchers

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