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BOD the bot RPG

screenshot of the scene

Author: JaXNash

Group: Default

Filesize: 2.8 MB

Date added: 2009-03-20

Rating: 5.7

Downloads: 3382

Views: 1367

Comments: 14

Ratings: 9

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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im so sorry, i couldnt draw it, as the filesize was too big, instead it will be mad in phun.

it is the year 2020, and the major organisation Building Our designs has achieved almost complete world domination, and to boost production and reduce costs has employed a robot workforce. the only problem with these robots is they have an inability to adapt and learn,they can only build what they were programmed to. you are BODv1, the first class of robot ever to work at the factory. you have recently been outdated, and thrown out into the scrapheap. you must now stop "Building our designs" from taking over the whole world, and using their new and improved robot workforce to enslave humanity. make friends, enemies and roam around the strange world of the 21st century.....

NOTICE this is not the first game, just a test for the character.

PLEASE do not rest on the ground, you are so rusted that you lack the structural integrity to support your own body.

HELP by contributing your own designs! its simple, just make something and upload it!! (i will make sure to include it!)

I'M going to create at least 5 games, each game will included upgrades to BOD and new abilities!

STUCK if you find flying tricky, dont woryy - after the first game, BOD will find a stabilization upgrade

IN the forums you can contribute ideas

no comments like this please, if you ddont like it, give me constructive criticism

no zooming out
just tell me in a comment what you did in the game, and in what order you did it.....

and that will decide what the next game will be like...
but the next one wont have questions like this, it will just be regular game
Last edited at 2009/03/20 22:30:50 by link0007
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so what did YOU do in the game, first comment counts!!
oh and btw, who can see the secret message in the description?
I know the secret message....that's simple :

" Notice: Please help, I'm Stuck. Crap" :*)
Last edited at 2009/03/20 20:51:51 by SpaZ
I can't understand this game! it says thing like "what do you do" but how to do it?

I think i missed something xD how can it affect the gameplay if it's just RPG
spaz you missed one word it's
notice please help i'm stuck IN crap
oh and pull out the cogg
i kinda like it, it has a nice concept and will be the first thing of its kind. The only problem i had was that the ball that pulled it around, got stuck under it once. Witch is easily fixible. I have no clue how you would make it so it knows what question your answering to, or if youve already answered it though. Regarding the message, what i do when im stuck is i just take a break, build somthing else. It usually comes to me eventually.

Ps: that was probably the longest comment ive ever made on anything!
i just thought of a great game! Has any one ever played one of those games where you have to get to the exit without getting cought by a camera or, gaurd or, get hit by any lazer beams? Well.. why dosnt somebody make one of those! That would be great!
i might...... okay, the next one can be interactive..... (i wish i hadnt said that, but i do love a challenge...)

so now, if you go down a hole, you will go underground, and so on,,,,,,
this hasnt worked as planned

i could have a sort of destroy key 1+A or 3+B
JaXNash..... good luck
not so good :tdown:
good idea, but all you can do is fly around stupidly and read.:mad:
i dont get it:/
you are clearly reading the comments, plz zoom back in.:)