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Well you may have created yourself, but it's NOT 3D. I actually believe tis' only a mod on GroovyOn. And stop trying to sound smart and get to the point.
oh damn
this mad awesome
I like how the thighs magically move in circles around the hip joint
looks like i'm not the only one playing with gear ratios
Hmm, I got an idea.
I'll post it later on the PoC forums
way too complicated for any practical use
I look forward to seeing logic gates more simple and effective than my AND/OR levers I made in 4.22
It adds, not multiply
unless you use a logorithmic scale
This inspires me.
this looks a lot like my old radial engine
it's really boring, you know
I just realized you got analog and digital mixed up
it's a walker~!
Jesus Christ, you're such a noob. Did you even watch the video?
Why would you ever need a car though...
He's from the Japanese Phun community, which is so much better than this one.
but why call it real if it's fake?
Well, I'm using Bohr's model instead of the quantum mechanic model, so it's possible.
Or else I'll have to create a whole new type of atom.
haha old school
I'm sorry, human intervention is not allowed (the speed is not meant to be adjusted during work). Also, I purposefully make the switch not controlled by a motor (I can make a motor that reverses direction using a clever method) so people would not get the urge to rapidly change directiosn.

I don't really want people to spend a lot of time programming this thing. If they're wiling to spend a lot of time, then they can spend a little time learning how it works.
It seems a bit fragile, and with not more than 10 gates, it gets laggy.
It's me, you idiot.
COMBOT, THE INSIDES ARE VERY COLORFUL. Also the programming card.
I established the dullness of the outside to signify a sense of an artificial and industrial environment, but made the insides colorful, not only color code the components, but to show how unconventional and radical this mechanism is. This is minimalistic art on the outside, and almost psychedelic art on the inside. I carefully considered the colors for each and every component. So please don't call it bland, and look at it with a higher level of artistic interpretation.
Ha, I think the concept is pretty simple as well...except for the differential.
I knew there was trigonometric involved and predicted the needed height of the programming strip, but I mostly used trial and error.
I had thoughts about converting this into thyme to support more complex functions and to reduce lag/shakiness.
Last edited at 2009/07/24 13:29:00 by conundrumer
It's actually not even suppose to work...
It wouldn't work like that, Kilinich. I don't see your knowledge in mechanics, either.
Can you explain how this works?
Wait, I got it. That's quite clever, but is there a way to manually adjust the transmission?
Well excuse me, can phun gears run at >600 RPM? And have you seen anyone post these gears on phunbox? I think not.
If you're saying that people can make it by themselves, they would have to take a course in trigonometry in order to make the gears run at high efficiency, or else you mind as well use the default gears.
In addition, I haven't seen anyone use the water-hetero layer concept demonstrated with these gears.
This is actually really cool, if you add a motor in the right place.
Already been done; a digital clock and a calculator, both of which are made completely out of thyme. 3/10
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